Friday, January 06, 2006

Thin locks-Permed edges coming back to haunt me!

Not sure if ya'll remember or not, but a year ago to the day (1-6-05) I posted a question about my locks in Lockitup. I had a few thin locks along the front hairline. I didn't have the problem anywhere else except right along the edges of the front of my hair.

I posted these pictures for folks to take a look at and provide feedback:

For those of you who are members of Lockitup, you can check out the archive here and here with everyone's feedback. That will cut back on me having to cut and paste and "retype" stuff in my blog. A few group members, consultants and all sent me questions and inquiries about my eating habits, shampooing techniques, and a whole bunch of other stuff. The locks looked brittle and thin and for the most part "eaten" off. Well just the other day I found another one of those locks up front on my head and half of the lock was missing. Well, I thought,there's nothing I can do about hair that fell off "I don't know when". About a week ago I was up late updating my blog with photos from the beginning of my journey and then it occurred to me. My hair is damaged from the dreaded "perm" along my edges back in the day. As off is it seemed, I still couldn't reconcile having synthetic or human hair braided into my hair with my "nappy roots" showing. So for the longest, I would perm my hair all around the nape so it would be "straight" and "match" the "other people's hair". The rest of the hair remained in it's natural state. Well about a month ago my mom and I read all the way through Sandy's journey on her website (me trying to convince her to get Sisterlocks) and saw the part where Sandy showed damage from having perms and the affect it had on her having healthy mature locks in some spots. The light went off in my mind and I remembered reading her story. My hair is suffering from the damage of perming my edges.

*The above was written a week ago. The below was written today. Same story, but written differently.

Well here it is. The damage from me perming my edges because of my past insecurities with having "nappy" edges. I had a whole head full of good and nappy hair, but I'd perm the edges so my "synthetic or human" hair would match when I got my hair braided, crocheted, weaved, etc.

Now after trying my level best to figure out why my hair up front was so ratty and damaged it came to me after reflecting on a journal entry Sandy made on her website. I posted my questions to the group a good minute ago and everyone from fellow SL'rs to consultants quizzed me on my diet, my care techniques, the type and amount of water I used, etc. trying to help me figure out why my hair was damaged.

I then reposted my epiphany moment a week ago about what the problem was. It wasn't my diet, the type of water or amount I used, or any "care" I was taking. It was the residual effects of having permed roots. Oh the grief!

Well now I know and I can show all those who may have to same problem and can't figure out what the deal it, what it is. For those who are still living the "lye", you will find that when freedom comes, you will still have a price or two to pay. The photo above on the left is a picture of one of my damaged lock. Poor baby. It must have broken off, "I don't know when." The lock photo (top right) is a little bit healthier and of course longer. The two photos below with the towel covering my forehead show you the difference/damage clearer. For now, I'll just watch the damaged locks die a slow death and hopefully healthier chemical free locks will replace them.

The deepest part about the photos and what my hair up front has experienced is the fact that the photos you see of the damaged lock has absolutely no dye. It's all "my" natural hair. This means that the hair you see now is 100% new growth from when I got my locks put in and the new growth has had to suffer under the "lye". There's something to learn about that. Even when you break from from slavery, that doesn't free you from still suffering in one way or another from your past.


brunsli said...


Kristian (my hair sage) and I were talking aboutn this the other day. The inner 4" or so of my hair is much nicer than the outer part which is bunchy and uneven. His theory was that it was due to relaxer damage. Even though the outer hair is natural, it may have taken my follicles a year or so to recover from the crack.

The good news is that our hair does recover from what we've done to it!

Maryee said...

I just want it to go on fall off or do what ever so I can start over with healthy hair/locks. I'm glad I have a better idea of what the damage was all about. That alone makes me happy. Are you back yet??

Goodnapps said...

Hi Maryee,

Yep, I am finding the effects of the creamy crack last longer than we think. My hair is locking faster at the upper top. My theory is because my scalp was so sensitive during the lye the time they got to the top, I made them wash it out. BTW - are you doing any protein/conditioning treatments?

onyxcherry said...

Hi Maryee,

I am starting the transitioning period of growing out my relaxed hair so that in a year i can get sisterlocks. There is an oil that is rendered from an australian bird, it is called emu oil. It is used by balding men because it has been tested and determined to awaken sleeping hair follicles and repair damaged skin. Because healthy hair grows out of a healthy scalp i think you may want to investigate this oil as one that may help you to repair your damaged edges. I have used it for six months and my newgrowth has been considerably thicker than before. It is a bit costly but I feel as if it has been working well for me.

Maryee said...


I just have to wait and let nature take it's course. I'm not doing any protein/conditioning treatments. Which do you suggest?


I did a lil' research on the emu oil and checked out the sells on Ebay. I see it isn't the cheapest oil. If I get some, I'll let you know. Thanks for sharing and make sure you let us know when you begin your Sisterlock journey.


Goodnapps said...

Hi Maryee,

Since I'm only 5 months locked, I have not personally tried any protein treatments yet. However, in a few months - I'll take my first shot at one. I do like the conditioner treatments on LockItup and will start with those. Now Maryee, don't think that just because we have the locks we should stop giving our hair the love and nourishment as we did during the perm head days. Someone said we go through a lot to grow these babies and we definitely need to keep them healthy and strong. I'm no hair expert...but I recommend protein/conditioning every 2 weeks at least for the next 2-3 months to get your locks healthy and strong. It saddens me to hear one of my Lock Idols is losing locks.

Maryee said...

Hey Tanya,

I really need to take your advice and get better at conditioning my hair. The good part of having Sisterlocks is that you don't have to do much, but the bad part is that you can get real lazy!

I shall REPENT!!! I'll keep ya posted! Thanks for the encouragement! (((HUGS)))

Sis. RJQueen10 said...


Thank you. Now I see waiting until May 10, 2007 is not such a bad idea after all. This will give my hair just has that much longer to get healthier. Wearing braids for the last four years, I feel kind of thinned out my hair. So I appreciate your information, it is keeping me grounded both with my hair and spiritually. We we just talking about the slavery analogy and how it relates to giving tithes and offerings at church. With this post, I am now able to relate slavery to my hair self-LOVE experience.

The hugest mistake, I made while wearing braid extensions, is that I did not condition my hair. I washed it regularly. However, I thought conditioner would cause buildup, but I should have used something like a leave-in conditioner.

I now have time to go over to lockitup and continue reading your blog to do some research on how to condition my natural hair.

Sis. RJQueen10