Monday, January 09, 2006

Continuous Shots


Here's some fun shots I took of myself while trying out some features on my new camera, the Casio EXILIM Z-750 7.2 mp. I purchased it at Sharper Image, BayBrook Mall over the Christmas holiday. I cashed in all my soon to be expired Sprint Rewards points to get this camera, cause Lord knows I couldn't afford it on a substitute teacher's salary. Jen and I will be using it for our digital photo business. I have yet to read the instructions so I just stumbled upon the feature where you can take like 25 continuous shots in like 10 seconds. I was playing around, but you will be able to see some cool shots of my hair flying in the air swishing across my face and stuff!

Click on thumbnails for larger photos.


Detra said...

25 in 10 sec thats a camera! LOL...I AM LOVIN the pics of the locs shaking, that is so very cool! Can't wait till I see you all again, so I can get me some movement shots...LOL

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said... are making me want to run out and get myself one of those neat cameras. I love the action shots.

Maryee said...


That was fun! I wasn't sure if the pictures took b/c I haven't fully read all the instructions. Came out pretty cool! I'll have my camera in Big D so we all can partake in some movement shots.


Girl, wait and check mine out before you make a big investment (I had coupons..he he he). Jen and I are supposed to be using this for our Event digital photography business. I was just playing around.

Thanks ladies for your kind compliments.

brunsli said...

These photos are fabulous!

The camera was a definite good use of points.

Maryee said...

Thanks Brunsli!!! That was fun!

Chi-chi said...

That was pretty cool. I love gadgets! Aren't they fun? BTW you hair looks great (:

Maryee said...

Thanks Chi-Chi!! That camera might get me in trouble!!