Monday, February 04, 2008

Oldie but goodie-Help for New Bloggers

One year ago today, I created a post about helping those new to blogging get started. I updated that blog post to help out all those new bloggers who have been inspired to share their journeys on line. Since I usually get 1st dibs at a lot of new bloggers who want to join the LHBE, I often send them to my post on how to get started, the right way, IMO. Many of them say they were inspired to document their journey to be an inspiration like many others who've shared their stories. They also find out quickly that blogging takes work, dedication and commitment. In reflection from some of the things I've seen on line and my own experiences, I think it's a good read for even us "old timers" as well. I had to remind myself of a few things I'd forgotten.

OAN, I lost all my email accounts and have to start over. If you've been trying to email me off line, the old email addresses won't work. I can be reached at maryeepc at gmail dot com. Teaching has consumed a lot of my time and I'll try and post perhaps monthly. Until then, enjoy an old post that should provide a little inspiration for us bloggers.