Monday, December 23, 2013

Where do I begin???

Pamela Bishop You are re - locking Mary?? I have been thinking about it also!!
Mary Evans Yes Pamela! If you remember, my hair started thinning out on the crown years back and only got worse last year when I was at that stressful teaching job. Well, I went to the famous dermatologist in Dallas, Dr. Blackburn, He was sweet as pie, but told me I had too much damage from scare tissue and that my hair would not grow back. He gave me his "famous" salve and steroids shots in some places. I was religious in putting it on with little to no improvement. I changed my eating habits when I started taking all natural supplements and believe that helped some, but still, lots of scalp remained. Well, the health and wellness/weight loss company I am an associate for came out with this product that is "food for the skin" a couple of months ago. I started using it and it has a began growing my hair back! Like a miracle!! Shirley Williams, I will inbox you and Pamela my before and afters. They claimed it would work wonders for skin, like fine lines, wrinkles and acne, but scalp regeneration, too! Praise the Lord!!!