Sunday, December 31, 2006

Jen Twirls Basketball for Ivan

Jen and I went to a nice new spot called Chopsticks III, which is Christian owned. The owners son, Ivan pulled out a basketball and Jen decided to give him a lesson. Ivan only speaks Chinese, so unless you understand Chinese, you won't understand what he's saying. He's my little buddy and I think Jen has taken to this energy filled 3yr old as well. He's so adorable and gives the biggest hugs.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Holiday Updo

Here's a few pictures from Christmas in Galveston with my God-Daughter Kalee. Her sister's friend hooked me up with a Holiday Updo. So ya'll will know whenever I get married, this is the way I'll have my hair. But I'll have more like Shirley Temple curls coming down the side instead of them looking like big waves. I'd say she did an awesome job for a last minute request.
More photos are in my Fotki Album.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Small Sisterlocks or Large Sisterlocks?

That is the question that DejaVu asked both Jen and me. Jen's response is here.
Here's our dialogue below:

Hey DejaVu,

First of all, congratulations on getting your Sisterlocks.
You will just love them! As you have heard from many,
many folks in their blogs/albums, they are happy they did
get Sisterlocks and wish they did sooner. I agree.
funny because I wish mine were a lil' thicker than they
are, but for other reasons...I'll get into that on
my blog when I have time to update that particular topic.


Deja Vu wrote: Thanks! I'd also be curious to know why you wish
your were thicker? My consultant typically does a smaller
loc on her clients but I am wanting larger locs because I
will have to do my own maintenance. The fewer the locs,
the more manageable the maintenance as far as I am concerned.
My consultant did mention, however, that with the larger
locs one loses the “distinctive” Sisterlocks look. I’d be
interested in knowing what you see as the drawbacks. Thanks
again for your help.

Deja Vu

Deja Vu,

Sorry I'm just now emailing you back. It's been busy, busy,
busy!! I like my size, the problem arose when I went too
long between retightenings. During that time, IMHO, the
root beds start to thin out, thus making them smaller and
weak. I've lost more than my share of locks behind that.

But I had no control over moving back home to Waco and not
having money to get my hair reightened for almost 5 months
and taking the retightening class which I now retighten my
own hair. The closest consultant is in the DFW area.

That's where the major damage came in. If I continued to
get my hair retightened on schedule it wouldn't be a problem.
But, since that was/is not the case (I still have lazy days
in keeping my own retightening schedule) I have paid dearly
for it. I like my size, I just don't like small weak root
beds. You lose locks easily that way, IMHO. This is no fault
of my initial installation or consultant. It's me just being
poor and lazy. Hope this helps. Take care!!!!!


Now my question to those out there in blogland who've had
locks for at least over a year: How are your rootbeds holding up?
Lose any locks for reasons such as mine? Are you happy with
the size of your locks? If so/not why? Comments please! :-)
Jen's locks in the early stage.

Here's current pics of my hair!