Tuesday, January 20, 2009

At Last...President Barack Obama's In Da House

The last time I cried this hard was Nov. 4th 2008. Pics borrowed from LA Times and Huffington Report. Congratulations Mr. President.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Various Sisterlocks Styles

OK, as usual, I'm a little slow with trying out new things and for the longest I'd been saying, "click on the widgets" in fotki. Well, FINALLY tonight I clicked on the widgets and what a pleasant surprise, slideshows like slide, photobucket and flickr!! Since my blog community and my fotki community aren't all together the same folks, I thought I'd share some pics that may have never made it to my blog. This is called the "stack" and is quite easy to do...in seconds as a matter of fact. Just click on the picture and the stack will shuffle. Only problem I saw was that it will show pics randomly and not in order , thus making you think you've seen all the pics or it will lead you back to my fokti page if you click on the small arrow on the top right of the pic. So if you want to just view the pictures of various ways I've styled my Sisterlocks and remain on this blog post, click on the middle of each picture. Here's a tutorial on the fotki widgets, if you're curious. I guess fotki figured they'd better jump on the bandwagon. We love slideshows!!! I hope the pics post big enough. Enjoy!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Well, well, well. 2009 is already here and no better time than now to update my lock family with my 5 yr update. My locks were born 61 months ago, November 28th 2003. If you would have told me then that the results would be what you see in this post, I would have said, "Naw, my hair could never grow that long." Well, boot my nerves!! I still have a tiny bit of color left from when I got my hair colored two days before Imani Nash-Bey locked it. I'm seriously looking into a Henna Golden Brown color in the near future. I still have a thin crown, but nothing a pony can't easily cover. Boy, how time flies. I've been super lazy over the holidays, and haven't put any videos together. Maybe later. For now, enjoy a few pics of me and my locks. The lock community has been such a blessing not only to me but to hundreds who just needed a little encouragement to take that plunge and get locked up! I just can't imagine any other options.

Below is a video of me and Kalee being silly Christmas. I'll add a collage later. Until then, keep it locked up!!!!
From Willis Family Holiday 2008