Friday, December 17, 2004

12 1/2 months

This picture was taken at Imani's shop after a good retightening. I was now experiencing a lot of dryness from the dye. Some of my locks up front were getting weak, but I think that may have been actually from me perming the edges so often when I'd get my hair braided so my front roots wouldn't be so nappy and they'd match that "other people's hair". I am still suffering with my locks around the front to this day because of that. I think it was more from perm damage than dye, since I don't have that problem in any other part of my hair. Go figure.

Imani did put some really nice smelling Sisterlock conditioner all over my hair because I was whining about the dryness. I love her! You can still see the conditioner in my hair. Posted by Picasa
"Lockitup post"

Hey everybody! I wanted to wait until Jen made her year as well to post
pictures. Everything is going just fine for both of us. Jen's hair is really
thick and much longer than the pictures reveal. My hair has really grown, too.
I kind of like the two toned look. Imani, my consultant said my hair has
"dropped". Jen is jealous cause her locks have not yet. This group has been a
great help and support. For those of you waiting to get your Sisterlocks, I
wish you well! It is a wonderful thing!!!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

I Need a Retightening

Believe it or not this picture was taken 10 days before my retightening session. I shampoo'd it and was checking out the length and new growth since I had my Sisterlocks one whole year! Posted by Picasa