Sunday, August 26, 2018

2nd Sisterlock Set 7-3-15 by Imani Nash-Bey

Here are pictures from the initial locking session 7-3-15 until today! I'm very happy to be back home with Sisterlocks. Thank you Imani Nash-Bey!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Thunder and Lightning Children's Picture Book Inspires Young Reader

Monday, February 17, 2014

Kids react to Thunder and Lightning Original Poem read by Maryee Mary E....

Please "like" my page on Facebook. The picture book will be published this Spring. Thank you!!

Sunday, February 09, 2014

2-9-14 Sisterlock Preparation Update - Growing Thinning Crown

Update time!!! I two strand twisted it with the Sam's Club Vitamin E.  Makes my hair silky smooth and I'm able to navigate through it while twisting it without lots of tangles. If you are at your wits end and are tired of wearing wigs or weaves to cover up your balding spots, consider trying
Innutra's Uturn, food for the skin.  I'm using it for my scalp, but it can be used where ever you are having issues with your skin. Thank you!!

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

For those of you who do not know me....a simple google search of Maryee Sisterlocks and then click on Images should answer some questions.  I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was year 4...2007.

Monday, January 06, 2014

My natural hair 2-strand twisting attempt

View my Vlog of me attempting to 2-strand twist my hair.  I really have to get back into the swing of things.  Wearing wigs can make you lazy and lose sight of your real hair!!!!

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Have you heard of Gerrylocks? Thinning Sisterlocks

I stumbled upon Gerrylocks, who has Sisterlocks and is a consultant. 

I wish I would have kept my locks.  I did mail some of my locks to a SL friend a few years back who had thinning areas.  Not sure if it matched.  I guess on this second go around, since my back grows so fast, long and thick, I will be be "keeping" any extras...just in case.  What do you guys think of the Gerrylock cranial prosthetic and hairline integration piece? I'm sure I would have done this had I known.  But then again, I did run upon this website a few years back, but couldn't find anyone locally who was creative and willing to give it a try.  I love Sisterlock consultants like Gerry who are innovative.  If Gerry is your consultant, please share my page with her.  I already reached out to her and really want more than ME being blessed enough to get their crown back. 

Remember, if you are just starting to have thinning hair problems, I say get the Uturn and give it a try.  I believe the company have a money back guarantee, so look into that if you chose to order the product.  If the top and edges are your issue, focus on that only, take good before pictures, eat right, watch your stress levels, and if you are not taking all natural supplements, definitely get with me.  I can help you!!  If you order it, I'm not worrying or wondering if you will be faithful.  NO ONE wants to have  hair missing on top...male or female. #realtalk

Videos of Maryee Growing back thinning crown and edges

I created a playlist.  Please share with friends who may feel hopeless about growing their thinning crown back. If you have any questions, please post a comment or inbox me on Facebook at Fitness Maryee

Maryee's Working on Getting her Sisterlocks Back with Innutra UTurn

I'm Maryee! I've been natural most of my adult life! In 2002 I did the big chop, and in 2003, I got Sisterlocked by Imani Nash-Bey of Southern California. I fell in love with Sisterlocks from the day I saw them December 2000, while living in Sacramento, CA. And still love them to this day!

I always struggled with a thin crown since the late '90s and never went to a dermatologist, but tried a ton of "hair growth" alternatives...well, admittedly, I'm a hair care junky! That was another reason why I love Sisterlocks, because all those hair care products aren't necessary to have and maintain beautiful Sisterlocks. So in 2010, I stopped retrightening my locks. It was soo thin on top, I just decided to cut them out and start all over. I got my hair braided in various styles, but stress and still not maintaining my hair well, led to my hair literally disappearing a top my head and along the edges.

A little over a year ago I started wearing wigs, which was VERY new for me. I found a few wigs that were "becoming" of me and got on with it. I did quite a bit of damage along the edges before switching over to wigs without combs in the front and started paying attention to how I was handling my hair.

In January 2013 I finally went to a well known dermatologist in Dallas. He did a biopsy and the results that came back were devastating to me. He said there was too much scar tissue and that my hair would likely not ever grow back. He prescribed me his hair growth salve and gave me an injection shot on my crown and on both temples. I was religious in putting the salve on, still hopeful, but with little to no improvement. I kept my hair cornrolled and stayed in wigs to manage my busy schedule as a teacher, entrepreneur, and writer, among other things.

January 2013 was a new beginning for me. I began a weightloss, health and wellness regimen that helped me get my eating habits in check, toxins out of my body and my mood/metabolism back. I lost almost 20 pounds and have kept it off, dropping down from an 8/10 to 2/3/4, according to the brand today!! This was and IS the smallest I have ever been my ENTIRE life, and I'm 43 yrs old! I even reduced my anti-anxiety meds from 150mgs a day down to 25mg, every 4-5 days! I found that diet, exercise, and taking care of yourself made a big difference in killing off a lot of the drama that was going on in my life.

I moved on this past summer and began as an associate sharing health and wellness with a new company called Innutra...which means, Innovative Nutrition. The company officially "launched" in September and I was at the Inaugural event in Scottsdale, AZ September 7th. There they unveiled a new product called U-Turn. It is called "food for the skin". Promising to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as give you a temporary "face life". Any one past 40 should be salivating at that feature! LOL Well, they said it would help with hair growth and hair bumps along with other skin conditions folks struggle with. The thought that jumped into my head immediately was, MY SCALP!!! Anything that is damaged needs healing.  And that is what I was seeking.

I began using it around late September. My hair was cornrolled, so I would just and apply a little bit on my fingertips and massage it in the areas where I saw scalp. The area needs to be little damp/wet before applying.  I started to see "peach" fuzz and thought, "Is this stuff really working???" Very nervous, I stayed faithful to applying it in the morning and at night for about 6 weeks. I told my sister about it, and she took the bottle for her skin, because she scars VERY easily at the slightest pimple or acne blemish.  I didn't get to begin using it again until about 2 weeks ago when I opened another bottle.  I couldn't see the true results until I got my cornrolls taken down before New Years. It has helped me grow my thinning to "bald" crown back. I am beyond thankful for this product and amazed! The product I am using to grow my thin crown and edges back is called U-Turn! You can order it at retail or sign up as an associate to get it at wholesale pricing. Check out the Uturn brochure here!

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Maryee's Video of Innutra UTurn Results

OK, I'm about to Skype a natural friend of mines in a few minutes and wanted to at least post this video I took this morning so those inquiring can see a "live" visual of my hair growth.  Now in the video, please remember, I used the product focusing on my crown, the front and edges.  The rest of my hair I have NEVER had problems growing.  It is the "sick" areas where the problem has been for years. 

I would like to host a Google Hang Out, so those of you interested in joining me, please add me to your circle or how ever that works!  LOL  So much to learn.  But I'm willing to help in any way.  So here goes!  Post your questions here and feel free to share my blog link with friends, family, hair stylists, braiders, barbers, etc. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Where do I begin???

Pamela Bishop You are re - locking Mary?? I have been thinking about it also!!
Mary Evans Yes Pamela! If you remember, my hair started thinning out on the crown years back and only got worse last year when I was at that stressful teaching job. Well, I went to the famous dermatologist in Dallas, Dr. Blackburn, He was sweet as pie, but told me I had too much damage from scare tissue and that my hair would not grow back. He gave me his "famous" salve and steroids shots in some places. I was religious in putting it on with little to no improvement. I changed my eating habits when I started taking all natural supplements and believe that helped some, but still, lots of scalp remained. Well, the health and wellness/weight loss company I am an associate for came out with this product that is "food for the skin" a couple of months ago. I started using it and it has a began growing my hair back! Like a miracle!! Shirley Williams, I will inbox you and Pamela my before and afters. They claimed it would work wonders for skin, like fine lines, wrinkles and acne, but scalp regeneration, too! Praise the Lord!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

It's been a long time...

I moved to the Dallas area to teach....A lot has gone on since my last post...hopefully when the dust settles, I'll so a super duper update...thanks for following and hanging in there with me.