Sunday, February 26, 2006

Me and My Naturality

Me and My Naturality

by Maryee

written 1-3-06

I think my hair is fine

I don’t know about anybody else, but…

I love to run my fingers through my hair

I love to twist it

Wiggle each lock round’ my finger

Take my time

Enjoy this natural creation

A gift from God

Something I’ve gladly learned to finally appreciate!

You know, me embracing me

And my naturality

I love to walk into the bathroom

standing flat footed in front of the mirror and just





Sometimes, I will admit

I get mesmerized by my hair

So there!

No grease

No gel

No glob

No goo

No tracks

No Kanekalon or Syn

No strands


Stinging my skin

That old way of thinkin' was killin' me
Are you feelin' me?

No LYE and No More LIES

Today I tell the TRUTH…

You know, about me embracing me

And my naturality

Sometimes I just shake my head

and let the locks dance across my face

A big ole’ smile covers from ear to ear

A smile so big, no one can erase

A feeling so deep, I’m now in my true space

It is allllright with me

Free to be Natural

Free to be ME

Loosed from those unseen chains

That once shackled me

You know, me embracing me

And my naturality

Ooooo Weeee!
Ain’t it just great to be FREE?


Shelocksme said...

You are truly a wordsmith. I enjoyed the poem very much. You covered the essence of being nappy and happy. Your lock look wonderful!

Vee said...

I love the poem! The pics add a great visual of the feelings you were trying to portray.
Very nice locs too!

Goodnapps said...

ENCORE, ENCORE!!I love the poem, I love the locks. Absolutely gorgeous Maryee. It feels damn great to be freeeee.

KDL said...

I love this! Your poetry and your hair is quite exceptional. Thanks for sharing!


Tasha said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your poem. Very funky. Sounds like a song...

I wrote a poem a while back, but I misplaced it. When I find it, I'll share it with you.

BlaqKofi said...

Too deep, too true, too righteous...and oh so nicely done! You captured the pure joy of being natural and Sisterlocked. I know 'cause that's exactly how I feel and what I do. We are indeed locked in sisterhood my friend...Blaq

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Love it,love it, love it!

Detra said...

go head Maryee, preach! That poem is so very warming inside. Thanks for sharing!

Jazzilocs said...

Wonderfully written!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh now that was a refreshing read! I really liked it. I could place myself in each moment of the poem.



brunsli said...

Wonderful poem!

And, wow!, your locks look fabulous!

Ree-C said...

I love your words. Your locs look great. I am liking the two-tone color.

Ghana_Girl said...

This poem should be submitted to the new Sisterlocks magazine! It is fa-fabu!


Chi-chi said...

Yes it is, so great to be free! I love your poem, I'm sure it sounds great performed on stage!

Tracey said...

Beautiful! You go on wit'cha baaaad self!!! Freedom is indeed beautiful! said...

Your hair looks beautiful. I only which I had documented my hair transition the way you have.

Maryee said...

Shelocksme, Vee, Tanya, KLW, Blaqkofi, LaChanda, Detra, Jazzilocs, Tra, Brunsli, Ree-C, Ghana_girl, Chi-Chi, Tracey, and Salkis,

Thank you so much ladies for your kind feedback. I had fun writing it and adding photos to it just the same.

I'd like to write more on my hair, but unfortunately it only comes by sheer inspiration. Let's hope I get inspired more soon!!

I'll be uploading more of my poetry either on my website or on my blog soon!

I think I'll submit it, photos and all to the Sisterlocks Magazine. We'll see!

Thanks again ladies!!

Sis. RJQueen10 said...

I loved it, I Loved It, I LOVED IT!
See your poetry is still affecting hearts today 3-12-2007. I am glad you were inspired to write it and then share it. I wonder if you actually submitted it and whatever became of it?

Sis. RJQueen10

Maryee said...

I have been so busy, I forgot all about submitting the poem to the SL magazine. I'll have to check into submitting it. I think it still holds true today. Blessings to you all in your free and natural journey.