Sunday, October 30, 2005

Jen and Maryee at Jazz Presentation

Richard Thomas Jazz Quartet at the Jubilee Center, Waco, Texas

Here's a picture taken 10/29/05 of my sister Jen and me. No, we're not twins. She's 13 months older than I am. I will be celebrating my two year anniversary with my Sisterlocks 11/28/05 and Jen the second week in December. Boy does time fly when you are having fun. I love my Sisterlocks and only wish I would have made this transition many, many years ago!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pictures from the DFW Gathering

What a wonderful time we had in Dallas on my birthday October 9th! Isn't this just a lovely group of Divas??? Click on the picture for a larger view. We all took pictures, pictures, pictures!!!

We'll be meeting up again to celebrate Blaqkofi's Birthday on the 4th of December! I will be reading some of my poetry and hopefully Jen will be playing her guitar. We shall have a barrel of fun! Posted by Picasa