Saturday, January 04, 2014

Have you heard of Gerrylocks? Thinning Sisterlocks

I stumbled upon Gerrylocks, who has Sisterlocks and is a consultant. 

I wish I would have kept my locks.  I did mail some of my locks to a SL friend a few years back who had thinning areas.  Not sure if it matched.  I guess on this second go around, since my back grows so fast, long and thick, I will be be "keeping" any extras...just in case.  What do you guys think of the Gerrylock cranial prosthetic and hairline integration piece? I'm sure I would have done this had I known.  But then again, I did run upon this website a few years back, but couldn't find anyone locally who was creative and willing to give it a try.  I love Sisterlock consultants like Gerry who are innovative.  If Gerry is your consultant, please share my page with her.  I already reached out to her and really want more than ME being blessed enough to get their crown back. 

Remember, if you are just starting to have thinning hair problems, I say get the Uturn and give it a try.  I believe the company have a money back guarantee, so look into that if you chose to order the product.  If the top and edges are your issue, focus on that only, take good before pictures, eat right, watch your stress levels, and if you are not taking all natural supplements, definitely get with me.  I can help you!!  If you order it, I'm not worrying or wondering if you will be faithful.  NO ONE wants to have  hair missing on top...male or female. #realtalk


Letzy said...

I've heard of Gerrylocs from my loctician. She said Gerrylocs specializes in making prosthetic hair pieces for sisterlocked women suffering from traction alopecia, and she's very good. She's also, apparently, a bit pricey and very busy, so it can sometimes take a little patience and determination to get in touch with Gerrylocs, but well worth the effort in the end. HTH. :)

Maryee said...

I want to help those who want their hair back. As you saw in my before and after pics, it is possible the hair can grow back. Thank you for reaching out. Blessings!!