Thursday, April 27, 2006

Introducing a new member to the Nash-Bey family!

The picture below is of me and my California consultant, Imani Nash-Bey of Pomona, Ca. We took this picture way back in September of 94 at the African Festival in Los Angeles. We had so much fun that day.

Fast forward 5 months after that, February 2005, a month before Jen and I relocated back home to Texas. This is a collage of Imani's only girl (at that time), "Kinah"! She was almost 4 yrs old in this picture and yes, she has Sisterlocks! She's had them since she was two. She loves to say, "I love my Sisterlocks!"

Now, fast forward 14 months later, and you see, another addition to the family. Baby Girl Sumaiya was born April 12, 2006 to two proud parents. Imani gave me permission to share her pictures with the Locked family on line, so please do not copy these pictures. Thanks! Imani is taking a break and all of her clients are being taken good care of by Njeri. Isn't this baby just a doll? And let's not overlook Kinah's beautiful Sisterlocks. I'm sure baby sister will follow suit with no problems when the time is right!

Also, the locked collages are coming soon...hang tight!!!

If you want to see another young cutie with locks, check out Creyole's Blog! Her 10 yr-old daughter has gotten her some locks! Let the Revolution begin!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Maryee's Important news in the News today!

I was interviewed last week with the entertainment editor of the Waco Trib about poetry and me hosting the Open Night Poetry readings weekly. The article appeared in the paper today. When you click on the link, the article is there, but minus my picture and poem. So, I'll add my poem for those of you who don't get the local paper. Does that mean I'm now "published"?

by Maryee

Recited or read well
Rants, raves or amusing stories to tell
Future songs or picture books
Some rhyme, but not all the time

It evokes emotion
Sadness, grief, laughter
Sheer joy, peace, love

Poetry is visual painting written on a paper
It flows from the heart of the poet
to the soul of the hearer or reader

Poetry begins as early as learning your ABC's
and your favorite nursery rhymes

Poetry will never die
From spiritual to lyrical
This muse has longevity


Monday, April 03, 2006

Just poppin in...

This picture of me was taken this past Saturday at a birthday party I attended. The birthday girl turned a mere 70 yrs old. My hair is really growing.

OAN, I'm still having computer problems, but I'm gonna make it. It took almost 5 minutes to upload this picture on Jen's laptop. Ughh! I'm having driver problems on my desktop that has my computer still crashing. So needless to say, it's slowing me down in a few areas. I'll post an important message by Thursday. Stay tuned!!