Friday, November 24, 2006

Visit Wiley Dog's Blog

For those of you who know me or have gotten to know me, I love a lot of things. Two in particular are writing and photography. Since I've been teaching and going to school, that has taken away a lot of my "writing" time. The photo time has suffered in the case of "editing" but never snappin' shots where ever I go.

Anywho, since we have 5 days off for the Thanksgiving break, I've been trying to do a little "catch-up" on the dozen or so blogs I have among studying and other things. I know, I really need to get into the "condensing" mode. Well, one of my blogs that's been a bit neglected is that of my Mom's dog named Wiley. According to her AKC records, the dog was born July 17, 1976. Yep, that's right. He's supposedly 30 yrs old. The only confirmation I can give is I was in my early 20s when I met the dog after he was given to my Mom by a previous client she privately sat for. That would have been, 1992 circa. He was old when she got him but she never paid any attention to his actual DOB until I questioned her about him about 2 yrs ago. The rest is history.

Well, Mom and Wiley came over for Thanksgiving yesterday and he did his usual lazing around between trips to the kitchen to see if he needed to help with cleaning the floor. I took a few pics and of course that guilted me into updating his blog for him. I created the blog to help me in my creative writing and I tell you, putting yourself in the "paws" of an old male canine is no easy feat. Feel free to ask him any questions, but be prepared for some doggone straight forward answers from this ole' yet wise Doxie. Also, keep Wiley in your prayers, cause he has congestive heart failure. Jen seems to think he's losing his hearing and eye sight, but that should be no surpise. With that being said, visit Wiley Dog's blog and show him some love. Thanks in advance for visiting.


3 yr Sisterlock update coming soon!!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Maryee's Amazon Store

Since the holidays are almost upon us, I wanted to share the link to my Amazon Store. Well, it's not that I house any of the products in the store, but I do get credit $$ when you purchase through my store.

If you are thinking of purchasing anything through Amazon, please think of me and enter through my store to do your purchases instead. Since I'm substitute teaching, over the holidays there will not be any income coming in and I'm trying to plan ahead. School has also made it hard for me to list books I usually sell on Ebay for extra income. But, I am close to my first check from Google Adsense, so that's good. I guess I consider it a nice little "stipend" for my blogging efforts. Hope you'll be able to support me. I don't plan on posting on my blog until my 3 yr anniversary, but I will always lurk when I need a break from studying or planning lessons for class. Continue to pray for a sista!

Blessings to all my online friends in blogosphere!