Saturday, March 23, 1991

Email message to those invited to join the LHBE

Since I've had email problems and lost my "intro" email to those joining the exchange, I decided to post it in my blog. I also think it's good to have it here for those who wonder how I run the exchange and what the members are aware of when joining. Like a homework assignment, due tomorrow, some don't read this and then there's when trouble and drama begin. Did I mention that I don't get paid to maintain and moderate the exchange?


You are receiving this email because an invitation to join the Locked Hair Blog Exchange was sent to you via Please make sure you have read over the guidelines carefully and fully understand how the Exchange works. If you do not agree with the guidelines, then please do not accept the invitation. If you agree with the guidelines, then please accept the invitation and make your debut post to the exchange. Please add only one or two small pictures and keep the debut post "timeless", by not making it "time sensitive". So, instead of saying, "I've been locked 2 weeks," Say, "My lock anniversary is 2-2-08." Reason being, is this will be your only post, as the LHBE is not an "interactive" blog where members make multiple posts. It's simply a place bloggers can find out about other locked hair bloggers and then visit their individual blogs/photo albums.

****If you have not gotten locked yet and are blogging now, my suggestion would be to accept the invitation and then make your debut post after you get locked and have some pictures to share.***

Since I'm in my 1st year of teaching, and I blog myself, allowing free reign for members to post whenever in the exchange would put added stress and pressure on me to monitor what's being said. I choose not that route. I believe what's made it so successful is that it's clean, orderly and easy to access and use. So I hope you understand. As a suggestion, make your debut post upbeat, informative, with a good clear picture of you locks and a sweet invitation to visit your blog.

A few things to remember:
  • When you make your debut post, add your blog link, share a quick blurb about your journey and add a clear well lit picture showcasing your hair. I'll help you clean up anything that looks a bit off as I'm the only one who has access to edit your post. Taking a look at how most everyone posts their blurbs is a good place for ideas.
  • Add your blog handle, lock anniversary, type of locks you have, and state in the "labels" section. Don't add "newbie" as a label or make reference to being a "newbie" in your post, for before you know it, you won't be a "newbie" anymore.
  • If you choose to update your blog post, do it in the original post, and do not create a new post. Simply go into the dashboard, find your post under "edit posts" and make any changes of text/pictures there. If you need help, just ask. I draft and delete multiple posts.
  • Try and keep your personal blog current. I will not micro-manage your blog, but just make sure you blog at least once a month because being a part of the exchange is giving you exposure and other bloggers will look forward to reading your updates. The blog readers/lurkers get a bit testy when new folks join the exchange and post a couple of times and then drop off the blog community scene. It's a bit irritating to me as well, since I take time to bring folks in who then find out all too quickly that blogging takes a bit of time and commitment and then flake out on me and the blogging community. If you have no discipline to blog, please do not accept the invitation. Trust me, it takes a bit of work.
  • Make sure you read my blog post on being new to the blogging community. It will answer a lot of questions and reduce blog anxiety, as well as offer encouragement. It was created with new bloggers in mind, straight from my heart. Old heads benefit from it as well, including myself.
  • If you accidentally post in the exchange, rather than in your personal blog, I will draft your post and send you an email so you can move it to your blog and delete it from the Exchange's draft section. For some reason, it happens all the time. Shortly, thereafter, I'll delete that drafted post in the Exchange.
  • Be conscience of the fact that your blog will be highly visible. Use discretion when blogging about other bloggers and especially about your experiences with your consultant. Remember, it's very easy to google yourself, and I bet consultants will want to know what's being said about them in the on-line community. Drafting posts that shouldn't be shared with the entire world is a GREAT option sometimes. That way, you can still document your journey, but not cause confusion on line. Hope this makes sense.
  • Lastly, please add, in case you haven't already, the LHBE to the links section of your blog. That's your way of saying "thank you" to me for starting the Exchange as well as giving your blog exposure on google searches. Just go into dashboard, layout, add page element, links to add the html.
Well, that's all I can think of for now. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few other things, but since my email account was canceled in January, I don't have my original email for new members. With that being said, when I find a copy or remember a few other tidbits, I'll send you another email. For now, I wish you the best in your journey and and welcome you to the Locked Hair Blog Exchange!!! Keep it natural, locked up and blogging about it!