Monday, August 20, 2007

DFW Locked Hair Gathering

We had a really nice end of the summer gathering in Ft. Worth, Tx at Pappadeaux's 8/19/07. Bev organized and hosted the event and did a fab job! Jenn Jenn, who has the gift of hospitality, provided the most sweetest loveliest door prize gifts for all attendees. One of Gigi's male customers was in attendance and offered some pleasant conversation. He had traditional locs. As usual we had new attendees whose hair looked fantastic. Some said they already knew who most of us were from our blogs, which was nice.

We also had a few who were interested in getting their hair locked. The greatest benefit of attending a gathering of locked hair folks and you're interested in getting your hair locked is, you have the liberty to touch everyone's locks and get away with it, so to speak. You also get to ask millions of questions and see close-up how no two heads are alike. It's a fascinating experience. We did have a bittersweet moment, because two of the attendees are relocating to the East and West coast. Thank God for internet, blogging, and myspace. We shall remain in touch via the www. I'm posing in a couple of shots with each of them in the photo collage. Not sure who's hosting it next, so you'll have to be on the look out.

Enjoy the pics in my fotki album! Your comments are welcome!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Washington DC Trip

I wanted to post a few pictures and the link to photo album folder of the DC trip. The album is pretty large because I took over 400 pictures in the 9 days of our tour. There's about 15 albums. Hopefully the media will interview the kids while everything is still fresh on their minds as well as documenting the experience for future reference. For all of us, it was a trip of a lifetime. There were many moments that impacted the students such as sitting on the House/Senate floor hearing Sen. John Lewis' testimony of his experience during the civil rights movement. I'm not so sure the students fully understood that they not only met, but heard from a living legend. A little closer to home, they met and spoke with our local Senator who serves on the Budget and Appropriations committees, Chet Edwards.

The tour of the Capitol as well as traveling past the Row Houses in Baltimore was especially intriguing for the students. The most daunting part of the trip was visiting the bottom floor of the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum's collection of lynching in the nation. The displays and images will be ones I doubt they ever forget with regard to the struggle of our forefathers for the many rights we in some cases take for granted today. Your comments are welcome, especially if you want to leave any for the students to congratulate them or encourage them. The ones who were able to attend were selected by their behavior, grades and potential for leadership in the coming year at school. They'd love to hear from you.

Here's the album. Enjoy!