Saturday, October 21, 2006

My very own updo with the Brunsli Hairtie

I wanted to get that hair off my neck and after I went to the bathroom and started twisting the back up, I decided to keep going. Here's the results. Kinda cute for a first try. I did it all by myself.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Photos from The DFW Gathering

With the exception of the videos, I think this is all I have. I had to upload them to my premium fotki account so ya'll can see all the pictures. pw: locks



Here's a photo montage for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Sisterlock and Locked Hair Testimonies

These are video testimonies from the DFW Sisterlock Gathering this past weekend (10-15-06). The sound is not good because the Cheesecake factory was packed that afternoon and the only place we could get interviews done (it was raining outside) was in the hallway leading to the bathroom! (LOL). Each lady genuinely shares why she's locked or natural.

We've come to find that it's more about becoming natural than focusing on any particular style or method to wear your nappy hair! Of course since it's a Sisterlock gathering, most of the women talk about why they love Sisterlocks. Each video can only be found here, on the Locked Hair Blog Exchange, or possibly on each ladies blogs, if they have one. You will not find their testimonies in a search on google video because I uploaded them as "unlisted" in a search on google. My photos from the event are in my fotki. Your comments are welcome and please forward this blog post to your family and friends who are curious about going natural and especially about the dynamic versitility of wearing your hair locked! Enjoy!!

The next DFW Sisterlocks Gathering will be in Waco, Tx at Beatnix Coffeehouse on Sunday February 18th from 2-5pm. The pre-paid cost is $17 which includes dinner and tea catered by Blaneks Catering of Waco. If you'd like to attend, please email me off line at sweetiepp03-bloggin at

Sneak Preview from DFW Sisterlock Gathering

For those of you who attended, you know I took a lot of pics. This is all I have time for today, but I wanted to share a few photos. It was great seeing everyone!!!

Meet David From the Cheesecake Factory

David was wondering why I had two to three women following me to the restroom every five minutes and got "curious". More videos to come later. Back to studying...

Cheesecake Factory:
7700 West Northwest Highway, Dallas, TX 75225
(214) 373-4844

Sunday, October 08, 2006

That girl looks good for 36

I'll be away from the computer all day tomorrow on my birthday because I'll be at school teaching from 8am til' 4pm and then I have to head to night school at 6pm. I doubt I go back home so that will mean a long day for me. The last two years on my birthday I've celebrated. Last year at the first DFW Sisterlocks gathering and the year before at my cousin's wedding in Norfolk, VA. This year, it will be work and school. But that's all good. I'll have a cool new "do" to sport and a nice pedicure compliments of my sissy, Jena. I did a roller set and put a little lotta body on my hair. I also used the Sisterlock Moisture Treatment after I shampoo'd my hair. I have also come to realize that I must retighten my hair every 4-5 weeks and not a day later. So by the first week of every month I will need to turn on the juice and get to retightening. It seems to be really growing as I near my 3 yr lockversary 11/28.
I've already received calls and emails from afar and that's been so nice. I love hearing from folks who love me and I love them, too! It's been fun blogging about my hair, meeting so many cool and interesting folks and learning how to love the natural me.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

When is the last time you've Googled yourself?

This link on college students managing their on line reputation is not just for college students to check out, but anyone who does a lot of on line blogging or has a website, like myself. I google myself often and suggest anyone whether they are on line a lot or not to do the same. Anyone find anything surprising when you googled yourself?

I learned the hard way when I had a psycho guy who wanted to marry me 3 yrs ago that google is my best friend. He was caught red handed lying to me about getting his Doctorate in Religious Education from a "no name" institution back west. The nerve of him.

This picture was taken at Beatnix Coffeehouse's 1-yr anniversary party. I had my hair pulled back with a few wispy lock bangs. Jen was taking a quick break from playing on the guitar at the celebration.

Daddy's Little Girl

Today was a really long day. But the evening proved to be more of a drainer than anything. I attended a scholarship banquet the local AA Chamber hosted and afterwards, a friend gave me a ride to my car. Well, it was late, more like near 11:30pm already because we sat outside at the Cultural Arts Fest chatting about life, family and relationships.

Well when she drove around to my car we both witnessed what looked like at first, a couple making out. The man had his back to us and all we saw were hands locked around his neck and whomever he was hugging seemed to enjoy the affection. The hands and arms looked pretty small but since it was dark, we initially assumed perhaps it was a baby. The man started rocking from side to side while holding on to her. She appeared to be sitting in his lap, legs straddled, but later I found out she was standing in front of him. Her hands would drop down and he kissed her, seemingly in a passionate way. My friend and I both sat in the car because in that instant we both got a queasy feeling like the guy wasn't with a woman and it wasn't a baby (infant) either. I told my friend, "Boy, I hope that's a really petite woman he's all hugged up with."

Well, sadly enough, it wasn't. He stood up and in front of him as what looked like a cute little 8 yr-old with a pretty pink and white dress on standing there embracing him. My friend and I both had a look of dread on our faces. I said, "That's inappropriate. My dad never held me like that. OK, that was nasty!" The man didn't flinch nor move in a way that would reveal to us he thought he was "caught" by our curious eyes. He just grabbed the girl by her hand, with her in complete submission and took off walking across the street further away from the venue they were attending which was a wedding reception.

I told my friend that as soon as I got into my car I was going to head across the street to see where he was going with her. I waited about 2 minutes after she drove off and then proceeded across the street to the Marriot Courtyard's parking lot. I drove all the way to the back and thought they perhaps went into the hotel because I didn't see them at first. Just when I made the last curve, to my wonderment, there they were both far off in the back of the lot, back in the same close cuddling position. Now you tell me, why would a father carry his daughter off around midnight to go and "cuddle"? Ugh!

I drove by trying to figure out if I was going to call the police or just head back to the parking lot where I saw a car that a lady and a small child were getting into before I headed on the scout. Well, I drove back to the original parking area and asked the lady if she knew the guy and the little girl. She said that he was her brother-in-law and the little girl his daugther. I immediately told her that what my friend and I saw was inappropriate and that I have a Daddy and she probably has one too, and that's not how Daddys are supposed to be with their daughters. She started sighing and pacing back and forth as if what I was telling her was nothing unusual. I started to get a little nervous and then suspicious.

She decided to follow me in her car and we cased the lot and when I pulled around to where the guy and his daughter were, the little girl jumped up and then he got up, staggering like he was drunk, clinging tight to her hand. I drove my car past the guy and it was then I noticed he only had on a tuxedo vest, with no shirt on and he was trying to put the vest back on as I drove by. OK, by now I'm getting pretty sick in the pit of my stomach. The lady pulled up to both of them, but I was too far ahead to hear the conversation. It was quiet. He didn't speak loud and neither did the girl. They chatted for about a minute or two.

I motioned for her to pull up next to me and the lady did. She started in with some song and dance about how there was a commotion at the reception (sounded like she was making an excuse for him) and bla bla bla. I'm thinking to myself, what does that have to do with this drunk guy in the parking lot a half a mile away from the reception near midnight with his daughter have to do with some "commotion"? I just said, "Did you see him pulling his vest back over his shoulders?" She just looked at me shrugging her shoulders. I then told her, "Well, I'm just telling you what I saw. You have seen for yourself. Now you know." I then just drove off. I saw him with his daughter, still hand in hand walking across the street back to the reception hall as if nothing was going on and I wanted to throw up. How could this have gotten this far without no one's observation? Or was the lady revealing to me that what I saw was what they already have been knowing and they don't know what to do?

This reminded me of when I saw Woman Thou Art Loosed when the daughter tried to tell the mother about the problem and she was simply ignored or told she was lying. At this point, I don't think this little girl thinks she's done anything inappropriate with her father. My question is, are women still lying to themselves when they see petiphile men/husbands/fathers taking advantage of unsuspecting innocent children by not confronting these sickos? Lord, Lord, Lord! Please pray that what I saw was just my imagination, and if it wasn't that justice be served swiftly. The saddest part about what I saw was how comfortable the little girl seemed with this man, as if it was an everyday occurance. He was just as comfortable. The video below is from a Slam Poet friend of mines sharing a true story in his presentation about the matter. It's kind of deep, but I had to share. It's called Daddy's Little Girl.

This heart wrenching poem is shared by Ft.Worth Slam Poet and host, Michael Guinn at Beatnix Coffeehouse, Waco, Texas.

****I spoke to my girlfriend who was with me that night and she said she was going to call a friend of hers who works for the sex crimes unit here in Waco to see what can be done. The good thing about following up with this is that there was only two Wedding receptions going on Saturday night. If we are able to contact the Visitor's Bureau who books the rooms at the Convention Center, the crime unit can start there with contacting the folks in the planning of the reception. It appeared that the guy and his daughter were in the wedding, since I saw groomsmen earlier that night with the same burgandy vests on, with tux shirts underneath of course!!! Thanks for everyone's prayers in this situation.****