Sunday, October 01, 2006

When is the last time you've Googled yourself?

This link on college students managing their on line reputation is not just for college students to check out, but anyone who does a lot of on line blogging or has a website, like myself. I google myself often and suggest anyone whether they are on line a lot or not to do the same. Anyone find anything surprising when you googled yourself?

I learned the hard way when I had a psycho guy who wanted to marry me 3 yrs ago that google is my best friend. He was caught red handed lying to me about getting his Doctorate in Religious Education from a "no name" institution back west. The nerve of him.

This picture was taken at Beatnix Coffeehouse's 1-yr anniversary party. I had my hair pulled back with a few wispy lock bangs. Jen was taking a quick break from playing on the guitar at the celebration.


Jena Evans said...

started with beta blogger...

google that, sis!!!!

love ya!

Maryee said...

Are you updating your poetry website Jen????? I'm heading over there to check you out, sis. Luv U!!!!!!!!!!!