Friday, November 28, 2003

Pictures of the beginning of my Sisterlock Journey

Update: I changed the collage to add my "before pictures"

These are pictures of my locking session with Imani. This collage thing is new to me, so I can't put the pictures in order.
Included in this collage is my hair with "Q" braids, which is the style I was wearing up until 11-25-03. I like wearing my hair in a bob and look forward to having that option as my hair grows. I cut that fake hair out and then started taking down the cornrowed braids. I had it dyed two days before the locking session and of course the pictures you see of me today have only a little of the dye left. I guess it either shrunk up or fell off. Not sure exactly. The dye did give me problems with dryness and although I love the color, I doubt I will dye it again for a good minute. The guy in the picture is Cyrus Friday, my hair color specialist. If I dyed my hair again I'd have to make a trip back to Costa Mesa, Ca. He was good! You can see I had a decent amount of hair to start with. This should give you an idea of how small the initial locks were. A lot of times folks feel a little weird and insecure when they first get the Sisterlocks, well, I'll speak for myself, I felt wierd and insecure. The locks were so small and I had a ton of scalp showing. I had to keep telling myself to "get used to it". One day, in less than a month, the parts started to go away. The two pictures on the bottom left of the front two-strand twist are what I did to hold off the day before getting locked, wich was the day after Thanksgiving. I really didn't know what to do with it. Cheezy picture. Oh well! Enjoy the pictures. Posted by Picasa