Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Braid and Band

These are a few pics of my hair after I braid and band for shampooing with the Starter Shampoo. I love the smell of the shampoo and the results I get. My hair seems shiny after I shampoo it. I love the sgiggly locks afterwards. I guess you can say I get a little "volume". Look how tiny the locks are.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Maryee's locks at 6wks

Posted in Lockitup:

Hey folks! Just thought I'd send an update about my SL Journey. I
am at 6 weeks! Yippee!!! I have had one re-tightening and of course
have new growth. I will say that I am glad I dyed my hair prior to
getting my SLs so I can see the growth. My hair is so shiny and
looks very healthy. I think the healthiest it's ever been.

Since my sister has had her SL's put in she says she wants to dye her
hair blond. Now her hair is darker than mine, but I am sure my color
specialist Cyrus will be able to help her out later down the line. I
will also post her pics after she has her first retightening.
There's a bizarre kind of freedom and courage one gets after they've
been SL'd. So, here are my pics if you want to see a few updated