Saturday, July 16, 2005

TWA transition-Can you hold out?

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I am trying to be patient, but I hate the way this TWA looks and I have begun to feel so incredibly self-conscious. I know this may all sound silly and to some of you rather trivial, but it is a big deal to me and I could really use some inspiration.



I remember when I was going through my transition, I kept patting my
twa down, kind of compacting it because I was not going to cut it
any more. It was indeed a weird feeling but I was not turning
back. Like someone else said, wearing braids temporarily will help
manager the transition.

Here's some suggested links for you to check out. Hang in there
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Sisterlocked 20 months
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Friday, July 15, 2005

Feel like someone's watching you?

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I guess since I'm now responsible for retightening my own hair, I
have moved to another level of closeness, ownership and
accountability with my locks. These different stages are something

I remember last summer, I was in Houston at the Dollar General
store. I was standing in line waiting to check out and there was
this young lady standing not far from me soon to check out as well.
I recognized her hair to be completely weaved with straight human
hair. She was a cute girl, but hey, we never know what's going on
in the inside of folks when only looking at the surface. I guess
she saw me and then for some reason she forced herself, it seemed
not to make eye contact with me. I could tell by her body language
that she was uncomfortable and made it her business to look away.
It was the weirdest thing to observe. Maybe, perhaps, she had
a "moment" of conviction or "guilt". She saw that only when masked
with something that wasn't truly her, could she possibly win the
affections and compliments from others.

I know I've been there, knowing good and well I would be receiving
what I humbly consider, "false" compliments. I'd even joke when
folks would compliment me about my braided or weaved hair by
saying "IBM," meaning "I Bought Mine". So we love and honor and
have compassion for everyone because we all are at different stages
of growth in this journey called "life". Old habits are hard to
break, but they are breakable!

The sooner we get back to truth, the faster we get on to freedom.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Dreaded Word-Nap Politics in the Church

I went to church today with my Sisterlocks wild and free. I was so
proud of myself for making it to church. During the service the
preacher mentioned the importance of ones appearance. He said," Why
would you look for a job with dreadlocks, sagging pants...etc" The
back of my neck became hot...LOL.

Is anyone else considering keeping their SLs above their shoulders?

Hey Eve,

I want mine to grow at this point just to see how long they can get.
I've always had short hair for whatever reason. When I had my hair
braided, I loved putting it up in a ponytail and getting it out of my
face. I look forward to doing the same thing with my OWN hair and not
any I bought from the Asian Beauty Supply shop.

As far as looking for a job in "dredlocks", the pastor probably still
needs some educating. You can have a perm and still show up looking
inappropriate for anyone to hire. The last job I was on, I worked for
an international management consulting firm. My locks had no negative
impact on me doing business with presidents and owners of companies.
All they saw was a very confident and professional looking sister
sitting down doing business with them. I could tell in how they
treated me with much respect and professionalism.

There are benefits in having Sisterlocks. Our attitude reflects our
beauty, our confidence exudes our self-assuredness, our pep in our
step with our head held high, truly reveals our pride. So, I'm
thankful that I have my Sisterlocks and hope that we all present that
peace, love and joy that we get from the true freedom from bondage.
If we don't look and act free, why would anyone want what we have?
Me, I'm a be free!!! Thanks for sharing!

SL'd almost 20 months