Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Maryee and Jen's Sisterlock Journey

posted in Lockitup:

I made 3 months on Feb. 28th. Yippee!!!!

It's so interesting how SLs look on different people even folks
related to each other.

My hair for the most part is straight all over. They look more like
small braids rather than locks to most folks. I'm kind when folks
start "reaching" for my hair to "touch" it. When you check out my
pics in the links section with my hair "standing at attention" as my
sister says, that's how they look until I spray em' with Tea Tree
water to help them lay down. (at ease soldiers!) Since they are
growing, I don't roll em' up that much. Pretty much only for church or
a special event, for the sake of "volume". I'll probably dig the free
flow a little better when I get more length. My hair is locking more
in the back than anywhere else. And yes, I always have my hands in
my hair.

My sister Jen's sisterlocks on the other hand are tight, thick and
curly. They don't even look as long as they appear until you grab
and pull on a lock and go whoa! It's pretty long! She has a very
very tight curl pattern. Her locks are thicker, because she wanted
her locks to be as close to BLs as possible, so they are larger than
mine. Her only problem is her top. She got "ingin" in her blood, so
the top is just as straight and comes loose almost all the time,
shortly after her retightening. It's something she anticipated
anyway. She's grown her own dreads in the past and her hair was past
her shoulders. As a matter of fact, her hair is locking faster than
mine because she was SLd on Dec 13th.

Can you believe I'm sort of jealous of her locks? If I can get her
to sit still long enough I will take some pictures of her hair. It
was too dark in the room when she was locked, so the pics don't show
her "hair" too well.

Also, I colored my hair 2 days before getting SLd. Jen, on the other
hand has dark, dark, dark brown (ok-black) hair. It's cool when
folks see us together. They don't believe we both have SLs. OK
enough morning babble. Just thought I'd catch ya'll up on
me and my sister's "natural hair affair". Blessings!

The picture below was taken in January for our Church directory. I know I was looking cute with my Sisterlocks!