Sunday, February 26, 2006

Me and My Naturality

Me and My Naturality

by Maryee

written 1-3-06

I think my hair is fine

I don’t know about anybody else, but…

I love to run my fingers through my hair

I love to twist it

Wiggle each lock round’ my finger

Take my time

Enjoy this natural creation

A gift from God

Something I’ve gladly learned to finally appreciate!

You know, me embracing me

And my naturality

I love to walk into the bathroom

standing flat footed in front of the mirror and just





Sometimes, I will admit

I get mesmerized by my hair

So there!

No grease

No gel

No glob

No goo

No tracks

No Kanekalon or Syn

No strands


Stinging my skin

That old way of thinkin' was killin' me
Are you feelin' me?

No LYE and No More LIES

Today I tell the TRUTH…

You know, about me embracing me

And my naturality

Sometimes I just shake my head

and let the locks dance across my face

A big ole’ smile covers from ear to ear

A smile so big, no one can erase

A feeling so deep, I’m now in my true space

It is allllright with me

Free to be Natural

Free to be ME

Loosed from those unseen chains

That once shackled me

You know, me embracing me

And my naturality

Ooooo Weeee!
Ain’t it just great to be FREE?

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Braidout Pictures

Since the DFW Sisterlock gathering was cancelled last weekend, I didn't get to share my braidout with the ladies. I uploaded a few pics on my Fotki account for all to check out. I only put water mixed with tea tree and lavender oil on my hair. When I get just a lil' more length, I'll curl it under after braiding it. The squiggles lasted almost a week.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Open Mic Poetry Reading at Beatnix tonight!

Open Mic Poetry Reading
Every Thursday Night
Time: 7-9pm
Beatnix Coffee House
1826 Lake Shore Drive
(On the corner of 19th and Lake Shore next to the laundry mat and across the street from Curves & Mr. Gatti’s Pizza)
Waco, Texas 76708

Cost: Free
Who: All ages can read or recite original poems or from other authors from all genres.
Hosted by me, Maryee of H.O.T. Poets.
Waco Poetry and Music blog
I'll be adding pictures from Valentine's Night on my regular blog. later.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

DFW Sisterlock Gathering III -Next Sunday

Well, Jen, Felicia and I

will be heading to Allen, Tx next Sunday after Church to hang out with some positive, enlightening, and progressive sisters in the DFW area. This will be our third gathering and since Felicia has decided to get locked in the near future, Jen and I figured this would give her a major motivational boost in getting her money and mind in order for the big and wonderful change that awaits her. Karen is graciously hosting this event.

The first gathering was on my birthday last year, October 9th. For us all being strangers, no one could tell by the immediate bonding that took place at the Blue Mesa Grill.
These women, whom most are college educated and professional are a breath of fresh air!

The second gathering was the first weekend in December. Blaqkofi hosted the gathering at her beautiful home in Ft. Worth.

We had a blast!
Most everyone left after dark.
Here's another recap about our Sisterlock Gatherings I & II.

Unfortunately, Waco has a way to go before it's jumps on the bandwagon to become more culturally inviting and progressive for Sistahs to get together for intelligent dialogue outside of church. Men or women sporting naturals and locks are far and few in between. I know a change is comin' though!! I shall keep hope alive! Can't wait til' next Sunday!