Saturday, February 11, 2006

DFW Sisterlock Gathering III -Next Sunday

Well, Jen, Felicia and I

will be heading to Allen, Tx next Sunday after Church to hang out with some positive, enlightening, and progressive sisters in the DFW area. This will be our third gathering and since Felicia has decided to get locked in the near future, Jen and I figured this would give her a major motivational boost in getting her money and mind in order for the big and wonderful change that awaits her. Karen is graciously hosting this event.

The first gathering was on my birthday last year, October 9th. For us all being strangers, no one could tell by the immediate bonding that took place at the Blue Mesa Grill.
These women, whom most are college educated and professional are a breath of fresh air!

The second gathering was the first weekend in December. Blaqkofi hosted the gathering at her beautiful home in Ft. Worth.

We had a blast!
Most everyone left after dark.
Here's another recap about our Sisterlock Gatherings I & II.

Unfortunately, Waco has a way to go before it's jumps on the bandwagon to become more culturally inviting and progressive for Sistahs to get together for intelligent dialogue outside of church. Men or women sporting naturals and locks are far and few in between. I know a change is comin' though!! I shall keep hope alive! Can't wait til' next Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Very cool....another soon to be locked head. Hopefully she will enjoy it as much as we do.
I am so excited about it.

Maryee said...

Well, since the weather prevented us from meeting, Felicia is still excited about getting her hair locked. She even cut all of her perm off a few weeks ago.

Brian said...

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