Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Check out that new growth!

As usual, I was playing around while retightening my hair in Tx City, Tx over Thanksgiving break and I took these pictures of myself to get a good look at the new growth. Remember, I had my hair dyed 2 days before getting Sisterlocked 2 years ago. Cool color I might say. As I've said before, I probably will not get it dyed again for a good while. Enjoy! Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 28, 2005

Picture Collage of my 2-yr Sisterlocks

I was playing around on picasa2 with the pictures I took yesterday. What do you think?? Posted by Picasa

Day one and year two photos

I thought I'd add some pictures to compare from day #1 to my 2 yr anniversary. Wow! What a difference 2 years make! Posted by Picasa

My Two-Year Anniversary is Today!

Here's one of the latest pictures taken of me 11/27/05. I'm not quite finished retightening my hair, but it will do as far as letting folks see my growth. Today is my two-year anniversary of having Sisterlocks. It is so hard to believe I have come this far in my journey. I have so many wonderful people to thank in the Lockitup and Brothers_locked yahoo groups along with the beautiful blogs and on-line photo journals of those willing to share freely their locking journey and experiences. Being locked at the young age of 35 (smile) is such a liberating experience, especially since I had so many years of haircare drama in my life. Being natural and especially being locked for me, has taken a great amount of fortitude, in which I've found out how much I can bare throughout this entire journey. Some have given up and thrown in the towel, others have given up, but then picked themselves back up again for another round, and yet others have persevered all the way through.

Although this journey hasn't been a bed a roses, I must say, I am extremely happy with my decision to get locked. The light I have to share only beams brighter when I enter a room with my big blossomy smile and my two-toned locked hair. I'm thankful to "represent". Well, until I post more pictures and stories, keep it locked and keep it real!

My Fotki online photo album.