Monday, November 28, 2005

Day one and year two photos

I thought I'd add some pictures to compare from day #1 to my 2 yr anniversary. Wow! What a difference 2 years make! Posted by Picasa


Jena Evans said...


Your entire contenance has changed... You look great and the growth is evident.

This must be the best decision you have ever made in life, huh?

Luv ya!


Maryee said...

Thanks J!

Yep, this was a good one!! I wish some others were better decisions. You know!!!


coco_btrfly said...

Your hair has really gone through a beautiful transformation! Love the pictures and your hair.


Leighann said...

Yes, two years has really made a difference. I dare say you look younger!


Maryee said...

Thanks Coco and Leighann,

I'm so glad I had "before" pictures. It really makes a difference when comparing. Jen says I look happier with my locks. I'd agree. :-)

Jazzilocs said...

How very creative of you!! Awesome progress.

Maryee said...

Thanks jazzilocs!! Your progress is a joy to watch as well!