Saturday, November 04, 2006

Maryee's Amazon Store

Since the holidays are almost upon us, I wanted to share the link to my Amazon Store. Well, it's not that I house any of the products in the store, but I do get credit $$ when you purchase through my store.

If you are thinking of purchasing anything through Amazon, please think of me and enter through my store to do your purchases instead. Since I'm substitute teaching, over the holidays there will not be any income coming in and I'm trying to plan ahead. School has also made it hard for me to list books I usually sell on Ebay for extra income. But, I am close to my first check from Google Adsense, so that's good. I guess I consider it a nice little "stipend" for my blogging efforts. Hope you'll be able to support me. I don't plan on posting on my blog until my 3 yr anniversary, but I will always lurk when I need a break from studying or planning lessons for class. Continue to pray for a sista!

Blessings to all my online friends in blogosphere!


Ree-C said...

I look forward to your 3 year pictures. Mine is near as well on 1/17/07. If I make any purchases through Amazon, I'll make sure to go through your site.

Vee said...

Mary your hair is looking lovely! I can't believe how much it's grown! I will use your site if I purchase anything from amazon as well.


Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Looking good my sister and I'll certainly keep this in mind!

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Just wanted to make you and Jen aware of my recent blog change. Also, can you please change my link to the following.

Name "Creyole" instead of LaChanda and
New blog site is
New Email Address:

I know it's asking a bit much but please understand it was a must!


Maryee said...

Thanks Ree-C, Vee, and Creyole! I appreciate you supporting me in your on line purchases. Blessings to you!


3yr pics coming soon!!!! Anniv. date 11-28-06

Anonymous said...

Oh well snaps, I had no idea about this "M". I am always purchasing SOMEthing via Amazon. I'm going to have to peruse this and see how to go about it. I do not see why you should not get credit if that's how it works. Let me go figure this out.

Busy as you are stop by my Blog whenever you get a chance. I'm new at it so must work up to being all literary and such. ~wink