Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lockitup - Lots of Emails coming into your inbox or cell phone?

I've had this happen to me and on occasion, I'll have someone email me asking me to discontinue their relationship with the LHBE because of the insane amounts of emails they get in their inbox or cell phone.  The problem with that request is, the emails are not coming from the LHBE.

I think a lot of times when folks start researching natural hair, and especially Sisterlocks, they are directed to either lockitup, which I often refer folks to, or the the Locked Hair Blog Exchange.  The main difference between the two is, the LHBE is not interactive, per se.  There's not a lot of back and forth posting and multiple posts about folks updates and hair issues and the such.  Lockitup, on the other hand is par for the course. 

Here's my recent response to a sister who wanted to make the emails flooding her blackberry go away:

They are not coming from the LHBE, but rather lockitup.  That's the yahoo group you must have signed up for around the same time you became a member of the LHBE.  I'm a member of  lockitup and used to get all those emails as well. 

In order to reduce/eliminate all the emails, all you have to do is go into your yahoo account and click on "groups".  From there click on lockitup.  Then click on edit membership, where it has the title of the group and your email address.  There, you scroll down to step 2 and choose your message delivery.  I chose "special notices" because those daily emails drop from 30 to 0, and one every blue moon.  HTH.

Just know the emails are not from the LHBE, but lockitup.  If you have any other trouble, email me back. 



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