Tuesday, January 03, 2006

All My Business in the Streets

OK, I went ahead and took the temperment test, although I already knew what it would say. This test was only like 4 questions, so it wasn't the 1 hour one I took that showed my blends. For the record, this is 1/2 correct. I'll find my complete analysis and add to this post later. So anywho, here goes!

You Have a Sanguine Temperament

You are an optimistic person who is easily content.You enjoy casual, light tasks - never wanting to delve too deep into anything.A bit fickle, it's easy for you to change plans or paths when presented with something better.
You enjoy all of the great things life has to offer - food, friends, and fun.A great talker, you can keep the conversation going for hours.You are optimistic and sure of your success. If you fail, you don't worry about it too much.
At your worst, you are vain. You are obsessed with your own attractiveness.A horrible flirt, you tend to jump into love affairs and relationship drama easily.You're very jealous - which just magnifies the craziness around you.
What Temperment Are You?


Jena Evans said...

Uunn Huh... So is this about you or your locks? I am confused. lol...

Blessings to ya!

Anonymous said...

LOL....see what Jen has started. Maryee I am on your side girl I know you are a mix and so am I! I just don't know what the mix is (LOL)....Jen "kindly" offered some Sanquine my way and after googling the four temperaments and reading up on it I think that she may be right (LOL)....I am accepting it for now (-:

I adore you galz!

Maryee said...

Jen, Uh, yeah, I'm gonna address my hair. Don't make me go get "fickle" on you! Ha!


My sissy can be a bit exploratory on line. We're actually both like that. If I can remember, I believe I'm a San/Chol, but I'm gonnna go back and address this analysis with my hair. he he!