Monday, January 23, 2006

I thought they were Sisterlocks

I met a really nice lady from Ohio at Walmart last night. I looked at her hair and thought she had some form of locks, but not sure if they were Sisterlocks or not. Being the uninhibited woman I am, I asked her if she had Sisterlocks. She said she had lock extensions. I hope I'm saying this right. It looked permanent and she said, "No, human hair is wrapped around my hair." She said the lady who put the hair in used something called afro puff human hair.

Her hair looked like she'd been locked for years but she told me that her hair is installed and taken down every two months. I was astonished. It's called afro kinky hair. Cool.


brunsli said...

I guess I could be pro-natural, and stick my nose up at these fake locks, but the truth is, I've done braids, relaxers, etc., so it would be hypocritical. And, more importantly, these locks look great!

But, Maryee, why are you shopping at Walmart?? They are so bad to their employees.

Ree-C said...

Wow, they look so natural. I think part of locing is the actual journey that you take to gain beautiful locs. And it is an alternative if she wants to change her style/look.

Goodnapps said...

Well I'll be...instant beautiful looking locks!

Anonymous said...

WOW....whoever does those for her does an incredible job. They are beautiful...having worn fake hair myself from straight to kinky twist I have nothing bad to say. She is still show how beautiful kinky hair can be even if is not all her her on kink (-:


Detra said...

Ohio people are kewl huh? LOL...can u tell I am an Ohioan! Her hair looks amazing, I would not have even thought about it being extensions. Look at you, on the prowl for locks! LOL

Maryee said...

Hey Brunsli,

Yeah, it's hard to hate when we all for the most part have had every kind of "whatever" done to our hair. I'm just glad she was kind enough to let me take some cool photos of her. And about the Walmart shopping experience, well, I rarely find any disgruntled employees when I'm in there shopping. Most of the time, the employees "look" for Jen and me when we haven't been by in a while. I guess because we are so nice and uuhh, look different. Not sure if that answers your question or not. :-)


If I knew I could get some lock extensions prior to getting Sisterlocked, I would have done that instead of gettiing regular braids. I am thankful that we do have lots of alternatives.


I just love the fact that she was so informative about her hair. She was adorable.


They are pretty aren't they? She said it takes hours to do but it's worth it to her. She was just so cute with her hair and I love the color!


Girl, I didn't know you were from Ohio. She was just as cool as you are! I can't wait until Jen and I find another "Sisterlocked" sistah in Central Texas. One day!! :-)