Saturday, January 21, 2006

6 months ago I could have cut my locks off

Six months ago, I was in grave need of a retightening. Jen and I moved back home to Waco and the last time I had a retightening was the second week in March by Imani-Nash-Bey, our California consultant. The weird thing about it, is I was getting compliments all the while from March, to April, the May, to June right up til' July 13th when we heading up to Euless to meet GiGi and me taking the retightening class. Why do I say all of this? Because for those folks who think that Sisterlocks are permanent and you have to shave your head if you change you mind, that's not exactly true. As it was, I was between a rock and a hard place, geographically and financially and for both reasons could not get my hair retightened in four months. Now for those of you who are very faithful to retightenings every 4-6-8 weeks, just imagine if you had to go a whole 4 months without getting your locks retightened. That's what happened to me.

I'll tell you, the reality for me is I had over 3 inches of new growth in some places and IF I ever had the chance of cutting or shaving my locks off, this would have been it. But wait, shaving it would not have been the most sensible thing to do. I could have simply cut the locks off and with the new growth I had, jumped right back into braids, an afro or two strand twists. From the pictures you can see it really didn't look like I had that much new growth. So for those of you who are afraid that getting Sisterlocks will have you "locked" for life, there is a way of escape. I'm not advocating getting Sisterlocks and then chickening out and cutting them off. Naw! I'm just saying if you have to cut em' it's not that big of a deal.

Believe it or not, the haters who question you getting locked make you think and stand behind your convictions. They are healthy, like a lil' stress. They keep you on your toes and help you in your personal assurance that you didn't get locked because of fashion or fad, but because you wanted to get locked for you! The blogs and your own personal blog is a good place to send folks. It usually helps folks understand the process we go through when we lock our hair.

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