Friday, January 13, 2006

Open Mic Poetry Reading at Beatnix

Let's just say we had a variety of people come up and grace the stage at Open Mic last night at Beatnix. I mean from a poet from New York who's getting her Masters in Creative Writing, to a Baylor Ph.D. candidate, to a 9 yr-old who recited a memorized piece and 12 yr old, who wrote something on the spot to read. Of course you had Miss Jen read some of her thought provoking work from the 90's while she was in grad school at the University of Iowa and some current stuff. I read some stuff and kept it rolling along as well. The hostess always has to have something to share when there's no one who will step up to the plate.

Last night was our 1st night officially hosting Open Mic at Beatnix. We'll be there every Thursday unless otherwise notified from 7-9pm hosting the event. The owner, Penney was extremely supportive and excited that one more piece of the puzzle is coming together for her dream of bringing local culture to the Waco community. I'm thankful along with Jen to be a part of this momentous occasion. We had a blast! And ooooh my favorite, the Hot Turkey Panini sandwich on Focaccia Buns is my regular order with sugar-free peach Italian Soda!! Posted by Picasa


Jena Evans said...

I had a wonderful time, sister! Thanks for finding the venue and hookin' us up. Your locks look too cute behind the mic.



Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

You girls have all the fun! Waco is blowing up huh? And just think, if you and Jen would have moved back years earlier how culturally motivated everyone would be.

Head band is too cute!

Maryee said...


We'll be hosting the poetry readings every Thursday so wish us well!! This Thursday will be week number 3!