Sunday, January 01, 2006

OK, Another Super Collage -This Time With Mom

Jen and I went by our Mother's house after church because we didn't see her there this morning and didn't hear from her last night. Like us, she spent New Year's Eve in bed. I did a two-strand twist and band shampoo last night that didn't turn out hardly the way I wanted it, and Jen did also.

We took some shots with Mama so now the real comparison of who we look like can be made. Do we look more like Mom or Dad? What do you think?

Mom was having a windy bad hair day but never shys away from the camera, especially if she's taking pictures with her girls. We really would like for her to get some Sisterlocks, but we first have to chip away for a while at that old way of thinking she has concerning natural hair. Remember she and my father hate our hair. Oh well, we love them just the same. Mom has really really soft hair. At one time Jen and I convinced her to get a TWA and she did. It was cute, cute, cute! We keep threatening her that if she doesn't concede and get Sisterlocks, we are gonna do the Big Chop (BC) on her again. She'd rather just press and curl and wear wigs if need be.

Well, here's the most current pics, hot off the press via Picasa2 Collage. Happy New Years! 06' is in the mix! More close-ups are in my Fotki album. Cheers! Posted by Picasa


Sister-in-Locks said...

I love your hair. It always looks so nice. You site is always so interesting and refreshing.

I really like the collage thing. How do you do that again? You are so creative. Any ideas on the Black History theme for the next gathering?

Maryee said...

Thanks Karen,

Go to google and type in picasa2 or click on the link in this post to get collages. They can be addictive. Jen sent you a ton of Black History ideas earlier today I think. If you need more, let me know. Did you come to the exchange yet? Your blog is beautiful. I think I owe you some pictures from 10-9. Let me know.