Friday, December 23, 2005

My Sister Jen's Weave

My sister Jen for the first time in her life, got a weave. For anyone who's familiar with weaves, you can get them sewn in, fused, interlocked or glued in. She decided she'd get them sewn in. Most folks who get weaves, inevitable go out and buy some fake or other person's human hair to achieve the "added" hair fullness look. They may buy it loose or on a track. My ingenious sister decided she'd save money and time driving up to Dallas, or down to Austin or Houston and just do the job herself.

Because she has worn dreadlocks before and has done the palm rolling (cool Palm Rolling site here)and two-strand twists and all that jazz, she felt compelled to combine her already rather girthy Sisterlocks. She felt that they were too thin and wanted some nice thick locks. She never took into account that the pain she'd been enduring the past two years from getting retightened was perhaps from having too large a lock to experience ease when the retightening tool was pulled through her new growth.
Nonetheless, she twisted about a dozen sets of thinner locks together. Some I was able to separate before they fused together, others, her magnetized hair interlocked with each other nicely. More pain was experienced when she tried to retighten her hair and yank not one, but two strands through. Eww!

Well, without even reading the posts on Lockitup about folks sewing in hair that had broken off for whatever reason Jen came up with the novel idea of cutting off her extra strands and moving them up to the front of her head. The part of her hair that has yet to fully lock is the front, in which the texture is like “white girl’s hair”(very straight) and very dense. If you can find a part, good luck, cause there’s a jungle in there.

Needless to say, she grabbed needle, upholstery thread and her hair and added length to the short stops up front. The result is a kind of spiky hair in your face kind of look. She didn’t have to go to a stylist to get this look. It just kind of resulted in it from her transplanting hair from the back to the front. She just loves it. I love it too cause she’s not crying about how short and stubby it looks in the front anymore. It does look like a "cut", but it's not. I like, I like.


Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Ok, my gurl Jen. She is crackin me up with her wonderful ideas!

I LOVE IT!! The new look is too HOT and FUNKY all mixed in together! What a great creation..

Merry Christmas my sistahs!!!

Maryee said...

It's about time to take some more shots of the funky diva!