Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas 2005

I spent Christmas in Galveston, Tx with my goddaughter and her family. Her name is Kalee. I've had her in my life since she was nine and she'll be 21 next year. She's growing up to be a beautiful young woman. I lived in Webster and the Clear Lake City area right on Bay Area Blvd. for six years before moving to Sacramento, Ca in 2000. So Houston is like a second home to me.
The tall handsome man standing behind Kalee and me is the Rev. Michael T. He's like a brother to me and a real good friend. He and I agreed when Kalee was thirteen years old to become her godparents. So when we'll all able to gather in the same place during the holidays we try and take a picture together. Came out quite nice, I'd say. Hope everyone had a Merry Merry and blessed Christmas! Posted by Picasa


Detra said...

Oh how sweet. Godparents are so important in our children's lives. She is such a cutie too! He aint bad lookin either...ok..Detra stay focused...LOL...Your hair looks great, what did you do to it? braid or twist?

Maryee said...

Thanks Detra. I love that chile'. It's cool to have lasting relationships. My hair style turned out to be what was left from my Braided, Banded & Shampoo'd session This was the last remnants of the waves and crinkles. Thanks!!!

Jena Evans said...

You all look wonderful. Sorry I missed out on the trip.


Maryee said...

Muu wah! J!

KBM said...

She's right...I am such a CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!! (Just Playing) Thanks for the compliment. Hopefully J will be with us next year. Much love to all!!!!!!!

Maryee said...


You are more than a cutie! You are a beautiful young woman whom I'm quite proud of! Love you goddaughter!!