Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Retightening hurts!

Well today I am trying to retighten my hair and between painstaking long periods of holding my arms up over my head, I am blogging. As a writer, I am supposed to be writing daily. My problem is I have written tons but most 80% of my writing is in manuscript form on paper, meaning it has yet to be transferred to a word document. Therefore, there's really no need for me to think I need to be writing something new, for my goal daily should be (until I get the money to pay someone) transferring my written stuff to electronic text. But, until then, I'll just switch back and forth. With that being said, I want to share some of my "verbal" text on my blog. We recorded the spoken word at the DFW Gathering II. Unfortunately Jen's computer crashed and we lost it all!! Shucks!


Leighann said...

Hey Maryee,

Good luck with the retightening. You're doing that AND blogging? You're quite the multitasker.

To answer your question about the Caruso Steam Rollers, I think your length is just fine. LaChanda and Brunsli use them too. The rollers themselves come in various sizes. The only problem is the quantity. You tend to need more of one size than another. But if you like the Steamer, you can always order more of the size you want. I think Brunsli got hers from Ebay.


Leighann said...


A while ago I purchased Cherie King's e-book "Styling Tips for Locks." I highly recommend it. That's where I learned how to do Rosettes.

"Rosettes are similar to Bantu Knots but with one difference; they look more like little "flowers" than actual knots. The reason being is because when they are formed, they are kept as flat to the head as possible."

Her book actually has pictures that make this more clear, but I hope it helps. I hope this helps.

For more info or to order Cherie's book got to www.herspecialhair.com.

Maryee said...

Hey Leighann,

Thanks for the info on rollers and styling tips from Cherie's e-book. Since I'm gettin' some length, I want to experiment for the holidays and I don't want to wait til' then to see how some styles will turn out. I'll check out Cherie's website. I like the rosettes idea. Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

It is okay by me. I was nervouse but if you can make it sound good then cool by me (-:
I really admire you chick!


Maryee said...


Hopefully I can get it up and running by Christmas! Thanks!