Monday, December 05, 2005

Different Women, like minded spirits

I have to quote GiGi, when she said last night, "Locked women carry a different kind of conversation." That's not to say women who aren't locked can't carry a conversation, but one must admit, there's a higher level of freedom to be real when sisters striving to find their "real" selves come together. There's no room for pretention and insecurities here!!! We all have had to go through the same struggle of de-brainwashing ourselves about our true beauty. No lyeing here! Don't let the media fool ya! Natural is in!!!! And being locked is a NEW MOVEMENT.
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Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Maryee, Maryee, Maryee!!! Girl you are so awesome!! I'm still full from the eventful day, so much that I cannot settle myself to gather my thoughts and update my blog!!! It's coming soon though. Whew, what a time we had!

I've never been in the presence of so many beautiful and confident ladies at one time that made feel so uplifted and connected. Truly a blessing getting to know you and all of the DFW sisters!!

Amba said...

Utterly utterly lovely sisterlocks and ladies. I'm green with envy!! Wish I'd been there.

Maryee said...

LaChanda! Girl, you da' bomb! My sister and I just love how sweet and dear you are and are blessed to know you!! What a "lift" this has been to our spirits upon returning home to Texas.

And Amba,'re just gonna have to find your way to DFW in February!! :-)