Monday, December 05, 2005

GiGi's Sisterlocks

I wanted to add a picture of the back of GiGi's hair. Isn't it cute? She's ready to wear her hair in a bun on the 12th for little Destini. Folks, she's been wearing locks for I believe around 9 years. At one time her locks were all the way down her back. I just can't wait til' I can at least get this beautiful style myself. GiGi is beautiful inside and out! By the way, she's who taught me how to retighten my hair!


Jena Evans said...

Maryee Gurl-

GiGi is just too cute, and the sisterlock view is wonderful.



brunsli said...

Gigi is adorable! Her spirit shows!!

Maryee said...

Jen, we really need to get to Euless to see Ms. GiGi!

Brunsli, she is SWEET, SWEET, SWEET!!

A wonderful person to know.