Monday, December 05, 2005

Empowerment and Entertainment Anyone??

Well, here's collage #1 of yesterday's fun filled afternoon/evening at the DFW Sisterlock Gathering #2. DFW Consultant Gretchel "GiGi" Johnson, started it off with a ten minute motivational speech that set the stage for the electrifying energy exerted the rest of the evening. Tra read a poem called Vampire Love, from
All About Love, the chapbook that has poetry and commentary about self love from Dr. Cornwell herself. I read an original piece called In The Mirror, along with another piece from the All About Love chapbook called Testifyin' which had everyone shouting, screaming and bustin' a gut. Narissa, LaChanda's sixteen year-old niece, broke it down with a powerful original piece with attitude and class! She had all the ladies snapping their fingers afterwards. Blaqkofi added spice as well reading, So Address Me As Such, by Renee Johnson and any women who didn't feel they had dignity collected some for themselves after she was finished. The only thing we didn't have was singing. OK, ladies, don't hold back next time!!! I know there were some singers in the house.Posted by Picasa


MindRhythms said...

HOLD UP! Where have I been???? How did I miss all of this in the DFW????? It looks like you were having fun.

I just started my locs.. only been about a month or so

Maryee said...

Congrats on starting you locks. If you'd like to join us next Sunday, just RSVP. Thanks for sharing your fotki album. I wish you well on your locking journey.