Friday, September 01, 2006

Jenny's Birthday Party

Jen celebrated her 37th birthday at Beatnix Coffeehouse this year. We had a private showing of her Experimental Video work from grad school (1992) all the way to her tenure work while teaching at the University of North Texas in 2002. It was a small intimate audience and those who attended had an opportunity to discuss the work and ask questions. Jen was all dolled up compliments of "moi". We had 31 flavors (two ice cream cakes) and she received a card signed by lots of folks who wanted to wish her well with a nice American Express travelers cheque in the middle for her to spend on her trip to New York on Sunday.

She'll be treating herself to a trip to see a good friend and colleague along with his family in the NYC area til next Friday the 8th. I'll do my best to keep busy until my sissy returns. I hope she has a wonderful trip and that her birthday was enjoyable as well.

Thank you to everyone who sent Jen shout outs for her birthday as well! Much love and peace!!!

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BlaqKofi said...

Happy birthday to Jen. You are looking lovely. I hope you take a big ole bite out of the big Apple.

Maryee, you're a great sister.

Maryee said...

Thanks Blaq! I'm tryin' to wait til' at least tomorrow to call and check in on her. I know she's having fun with her dear friends. Take care!!

Detra said...

She looks way too cute, you did a fantasic job! Look like one of those glamour shot make-overs! Now, I gotta go...wish her a belated Happy trouble....I know!

Maryee said...

Thanks Detra,

We had fun. Maybe when we have our next DFW gathering, she can show some of her work. Blessings to you!