Monday, September 04, 2006

Perm Roller Set

OK, I guess I have to break the bad news. I "lost" my beautiful camera about 6 days ago. I'm not going to get into how it disappeared cause it's too irritating.

The pictures in the collages were taken on my camcorder's still picture mode. Needless to say, the quality is no where near Casio 7.2 meg quality. I shampooed my hair and rolled it yesterday morning. I didn't put any setting lotion on it or anything, and slept on the rollers with my satin bonnet. The sun finally decided to give us a break and today it even sprinkled here and there. The pictures below are what's left after all the curls fell quickly. These are the same white perm rollers I used in the beginning back in 2003 when my journey began. I guess if I would have put some kind of setting lotion on, they would have kept longer. Since Jen's in New York, I didn't have anyone to take a good picture. I promised pics, so here they are.
Now that my hair is as long as it's ever been in my entire life, I'm learning that I have a lot to learn about shoulder-length and longer hair. Although it's not "heavy" feeling, I guess I have to find a way to keep my style longer when I roll it. Anyone who has long locked hair wanna give me some tips? I'm open for anyone's help in the matter. Thanks!

Here's some results of curling my hair using Pipe Cleaners.Posted by Picasa


naadii salaam said...


girl your photos look great, but i feel your pain... ah, yes, the gift and the curse of longer hair. i find that using a setting lotion or at least leave in conditioner (infusium 23 is my personal favorite) helps the style last longer. also, you might want to try bantu knots instead of perm rods. you may find the amt of curl from bantu knots kinda tight at first, but it definitely helps the style last longer, or small size soft spike curlers. the downside is that bantu knots can get kinda tight as they dry, but i usually just take a couple of asprin and call it a day. i like to let mine stay in for 2 or 3 days so that the curls last extra long.

hope this helps!


Maryee said...

Hey Naadii,

I love bantu knots, so I might try them on my next round. I like the curls. I feel like I have a big ole' Jerri Curl or something. I don't have the spike curlers so pipe cleaners would be my only option. (She sighs with bottom lip poked out) I was kind of curious how they'd look with the perm rods so now that curiousity has been taken care of. I have lotta body but the few times I used it, I didn't find a big change in holding time. Any suggestions or will infusion 23 work better?? Thanks for the tips! This helps!!

Detra said...

Ok..I'm feeling your curls for real...but do those rollers hurt to sleep on?

Maryee said...

Actually they didn't. I rolled em' as tight as I could, but I guess the thickness of my locks buffered the pain of the plastic on my scalp. I'll try bantu knots or braid and bands next, perhaps.

sisterlockedlondon said...

Your hair looks wonderful. I have also tried perm rods, but without any setting lotion. Curls definatley do not last long.

Maryee said...


Thanks! I'm always concerned that using setting lotion will dry my hair out. I need to do better research of others who have used setting lotion. I'm glad I got some photos before all the curls fell. Take care!!

Sharon said...

You look so pretty!!

Maryee said...

Hey Sharon!! Nice to hear from you! I'll be heading to your fotki to see your updated fotos!! Blessings to you!