Saturday, September 23, 2006

Three Great Things about the beginning of Fall

#1 - It rained real good today! Here in Texas we were ready for both rain and cooler weather.

#2 - I dropped by SAM'S Club and filled up the tank with gas at $2.12 a gallon! Yippee!!!!

#3 - Time for a wardrobe change! Jena and I love wearing turtlenecks, jackets and blazers in the fall/winter.

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The photo collage above is of Jena and me testing out my new Casio Ex-Z700 camera that was an early birthday present to me from Penney, the owner of Beatnix Coffeehouse, for my collection of pictures and videos I've captured during their 1st year in business. Most of the photos and Video footage used on Beatnix's website were taken either by me or Jena. Beatnix is Jena's and my home away from home. I'm the host of Open Mic Poetry and "the in house social Butterfly". Cafe, culture and community is their slogan.

Jena has her Brunsli Tony Hair Tie on, which she wears religiously. Me, I'm free styling, but already needing another retightening. Boy does one's hair grow fast with Sisterlocks. Whew!!!


Goodnapps said...

Isn't that funny we are happy to pay 2.12 for gas. I like the change in wardrobe as well. You two are looking too cute as usual.

Sisterlock Adoration said...

You and Jen are looking great as usual. Today, I was actually hoping for a real change in the Texas weather that would necessitate me pulling my fall/winter wardrobe. However, no such luck in Dallas. It was like 85. Bomber, because fall is my favorite season, and we really don't have a true one here!

Longing for crisp mornings, afternoons and night in Dallas,
Sisterlock Adoration

Maryee said...

Thanks T! I'm a bit in shock it's gotten this cheap so fast. I hope it stays that way for a long time!

Sisterlock Adoration,

I'm surprised it wasn't cooler. We usually gauge our weather with Dallas'. But you know Texas weather, right? I'm sure it's gonna get cooler all around and then we'll then be complaining it's too cold! LOL I'm sure we'll all break out the wardrobe when the time is right. Take care!!

Cluizel said...

$2.12?!? Oh so not fair! lol...It's still about $2.60 in NY.

I love sweaters...bring on fall! :)

Brenda said...

Much as I love summer, I'm ready to break out some stylish boots and jackets but heaven forbid we get any snow! I was happy when gas hit $2.45 here, but on my way back from NY this weekend, I saw some for $2.17 in NJ. Alas, my tank was already full and I'm not paying $3 to cross the bridge to get it!

sunsail said...


Maryee, I love your site!! (I've been lurking, teehee!)However, it takes FOREVER to load :( Do you think maybe you can trim down the active posts (not sure what they're called) to two months, maybe, instead of six?

Love your pics!! The progress is amazing! Check out my blog. You can see me wailing about my hair! lol!!

Maryee said...

Hey Slwilder and Brenda,

Thanks! I'm already looking for some comfortable boots to make it through the day at school. I was sick last week, so hopefully when the weather really changes I won't get the change of season flu/cold. And about that gas, ya'll gonna be mad when I tell you it dropped to 2.02 yesterday and I'm on a full tank! (LOL) Brenda, I'm feeling you about paying to cross that bridge. Maybe it'll make it to NJ.


Great idea! I tried to trim down my loading posts a minute ago. Hopefully, it will make it better. Thanks for the tip!

Blessings ladies,


sunsail said...

Thanks, luv!!! SOOOO much better!!

Maryee said...

You are welcome! It's much better for me as well. What was I thinking???? :-)

Detra said...

I love the fall too...but this year, it's making me miss home (Ohio) that brisk breeze, the turning tree leaves, the smell of snow coming real soon. And I too do love winter fashion, I always thought its because its filled with bagging clothes to hide the

Detra said...

I see no hair update on Jen's blog...but did she cut her hair? It looks like a bob cut? I know she has layers, but this looks, much more pronounced. Jen??? let me know girlfriend.

Maryee said...

It's back hot and windy right now. I'm sure by my birthday it will be good and cool like it always is. It will cool down this week. I just hope the gas stays "cool" and low. Jen's hair is not cut. She just has on her Brunsli tie. She keeps it pulled back a lot. I'll have to get her to update her blog. Take care!!

brunsli said...

I am fighting fall all the way! It has finally turned in the Bay Area too. I am looking forward to moving to the LA, the land of perpetual summer (almost).

I'm so glad Jena likes her hair tie -- I was touched that she had it in her purse!

Maryee said...

Hey Brunsli,

You'll love LA. The traffic is not to be desired, so hopefully you'll travel against the jammed traffic to and from work. I miss the weather. Here in Texas, it's unpredictable.

Jen has worn her hairtie down to a knub. I'll be fundraising to by her another one for Christmas or something. She loves it! Blessings to you!