Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sheriff Strain's views on Trash coming into St. Tammany Parish

Dreadlocks and Che-wee hairstyles, right?

hmmm? Looks like most of the folks they are looking for don't fit this description.


More on the subject by Jersey Goddess.


brunsli said...

You are so funny!

Maryee said...


You know me...the research hound. I need to see what's goin' on in St. Tammany Parish these days since he made those statements.

Name calling?? Uhh, excuse me, but when you use the word "Trash" and it's in reference to people and not refuse, that's Name calling!! Ugggh!!!!!!!

He showed his cards. Behind closed doors, I'm sure he uses the "N" word freely, like second nature. Don't get me started!