Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Art Anyone? Black Pearls Natural Expression 2006

One of the best advantages of blogging about natural hair is finding talented and unique people along the way. This post will be about an artist who's far, far, far away from me in lil' ole' Waco, Tx, but allows me and others to experience the beauty of an island and culture like Bermuda.
My girl Vanessa George of Bermuda is an extremely talented sistah. I met her in the fotki natural hair community. She doesn't have Sisterlocks, but she is definitely a natural sistah. Check out her Website to learn more about Vanessa. She's got skills. Take a look at some of her work on fotki here! That's one of the beautiful blessings of being a part of online communities. I have had the opportunity to meet so many talented and inspirational women and men. I doubt if I'd ever run into these folks ever in life, but with the internet and friendly environments, we all have the opportunity to connect, spread love, be inspired and go on and do what's in our heart to do as well. I'd say that's good news, huh??
Let her know you heard about her from my blog on when you visit her website/fotki album. Oh, and also, buy some of her work!! Blessings! Posted by Picasa


Chi-chi said...

Hey Maryee,

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I was worried that I would sound like I was being arrogant when in reality, I was just trying to "share my heart" as you said. Thanks for understanding. Congrats on your 30+ loc-versary you and Jen look great. I tried that art website, it was sooooo fun! Take care,

Maryee said...

Hey Chi-Chi,

You are quite welcome. Naw girl, you were just tellin it like it T-I-iS!! Thanks for sharing your heart!! Glad you tried the art website. It's nice!!!