Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A day getting retightened with Gigi in Euless, Tx

Felicia who was waaaaaaayyy overdue for her retightening went first. Gigi was gracefully fast and got her done in about 3 hours. You'll see the picture with Gigi crying and Felicia whimpering because this was her first official retightening since getting locked May 1st. She had absolutely no parts and a lot of slippage. Oh yeah, and a lot of new growth. Needless to say we all were happy when she got tightened up.

Jen was next and hers only took about an hour and a half since she has about 300 or so locks. She was concerned that Gigi was gonna be fussing but her locks were in pretty good shape also. Long huh??? And yeah, she still regrets not listening to Imani when she encouraged her to keep the locks small in the beginning. The cool thing about Jen's hair to me and others is how it grows in layers. That's nice!!

Mine took right at an hour and a half as well. She even added a lock in the back for me that I accidentally cut off several months ago. She said my hair looked good seeings how the last time she had her hands in my head was a year ago when she taught me how to retighten my own hair. She is such a good teacher as well cause anyone who retightens their own hair knows that seeing a consultant at least a couple of times a year is ideal and recommended. When my money gets better, I'm gonna do better. Lawd know's Ima do better. Gigi is fast, pleasant and very professional. If you are in the DFW area, go see Gigi!!


still waters said...

Hi Maryee

Looking good. I might be in Houston soon but I hear its a long drive to DFW but I would love to meet GiGi.

ps everyones locks look lovalee

one love still

Charis said...

Your locs are growing beautifully.l

Maryee said...

Hey Still,

I used to live in Houston for 6 yrs, so your locks will just love the humidity. Yeah, DFW is 5 hours from H-town, so that would be a major stretch to go see Gigi. I'm sure the time will come!! Thanks for your sweet compliments on everyone's hair. I'll be by to check out your updates soon!!


Thanks lady!! The growth is definitely worth the whole journey. I'm pleased to say the least. I'm waiting patiently for an update from you! :-)

Anonymous said...

That is so cool how you did the slide show. Everyone's locks are looking good.

Thanks for the updates!

Goodnapps said...

Wow. Miss GiGi got some supersonic hands for sure. You all look absolutely beautiful. I'm so happy I had the pleasure of meeting GiGi.
She is such a beautiful spirit inside and out.

Sister-in-Locks said...

Now why didn't you guys let me know in advance? I could have dropped by to see you. I just had an appointment with Gigi today (Thursday). I am loving the length of your locks. Nice growth and nice pics.

Sister-in-Locks said...

And you know I am going have to copy this photobucket thing. You find all the neatest stuff.

Maryee said...

Hey Tra,

As you probably saw already, I did a "review" of photobucket. It's worth a try, especially since the free account offers so many features. Thanks for the kind compliments.

Hey Tanya,

Yes, that hands free cell phone she has allows her to keep working while talking on the phone. All the calls she received were busy calls and she kept them brief and to the point. Very professional!!


Girl, this Texas Heat has us all spinning out of control. I had planned to announce our trip on the blog or in Lockitup but got busy. Sorry!!! As hot as it was we didn't want to ask anyone for favors. Next time, we'll let you know anyway!!

You'll love photobucket. It's fun!

Take care ladies.

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Ok, I'll be all over that one Maryee, you are such a photo guru.

All of you are looking great and the more I see Jen's hair the more I realize how much mine looks like her's in terms of size and thickness.

Keep up the good work cause your hair is growing nicely!


Maryee said...

Girl, I love Photobucket. They seem to get better and better which is a lesson for all of us. If we're not growing and learning, then what is life all about??

Jen's hair is thick, thick, thick! She's lovin' her hair and rarely complains. Let's see an updated picture soon! I know it will be beautiful!!


BlaqKofi said...

The locks are slammin' ladies! You all look so beautiful.

Maryee said...

Thanks Blaq! It was SUPER Hot that day! We had a ball with Gigi!!