Monday, May 12, 2008

Retightening: From Spaghetti to Worms

Jen got a picture or two of my hair at almost 54 months (4 1/2 yrs) yesterday after we took Mom out to Cheddar's for Mother's Day dinner. Jen kept saying, "girl your hair is long!!!!" The second picture was really telling when compared to the back view of my hair on day one.

Now I'm half way finished retightening my hair and need to be finishing up the top right now, but I had to blog about one of my student's comments about my hair this morning. I'd spent dang near all day on Friday with this girl along with about 9 others at Six Flags, and I spend approximately 135 minutes a day with her (675 minutes a week with her as well) because she's in my advisory and double booked class. She's Hispanic and has been quite fascinated with my hair; she's touched it, played in it, read the SL Journals, and the whole nine yards.

Well this morning, she comes behind me during our transition period and starts touching my hair. I say nothing of it cause I don't trip. She then proceeds to say, "Miss E's hair looks like spaghetti." I kinda ignore her cause it wasn't necessary to correct her, IMO. A few kids make some nervous snickers, thinking the comment would make me mad. She comes from around me and sits right in front of me and then says, "Miss E's hair looks like worms." Now, not only does she have my attention, but the attention of the whole class. I just stop and look at her. The kids are cutting their eyes between me and the student wondering what I was gonna say. The stare lasted longer than she could manage and then she tucked her head and said, "I'm sorry Miss E."

With the exception of a few "mixed" kids and the Hispanic girls, my hair is probably the longest at my school. We have lots of braids, lace-fronts, weaves, "twig tails", extensions and the like, but my kids and most adults know my hair is real. The other kids looked a little offended cause what she said was uncalled for. I'm sure my hair has gotten called worse things behind closed doors.

But it does lend for some sort of truth. If your locks start to mature, they will begin to look tubular and round, like say spaghetti or indeed worms. So, I guess in the eyes and opinions of locked folks, I imagine you could say she gave me a compliment. Whatever the case, I guess I'm glad she had the comfortableness or blind ignorance to say it to my face. Had she said it elsewhere, she may not have been gently rebuked. Oh well. Here's how my hair was today. I've worn it like this many times before because it's easy to put up and hair is not in my face.


Charity said...

You have truly come a long way. But that is a beautiful journey in 4 years. I am only 1 month locked and truly appreciating it. You look gorgeous and so does your hair!

Goodnapps said...

Well you kept saying your hair was going through some serious growth spurts. Now I get to see for myself what you mean. Your hair looks absolutely fantastic!!!! I've enjoyed your journey so much.

Kinky Awakenings said...

whoa! your hair has grown....beautifully! i had to lol about the girl's call it as they sit it (in there eyes).

your locs rock!


Sister-in-Locks said...

Your hair is long!. Interesting story. I am curious to know how you feel about your hair at this length. I have a love-hate feeling about mine.

Anonymous said...

Your hair has grown soooo much! Your locks are gorgeous!!!!

As for the student's comment..I think she wanted attention and thought the easiest method would be to say something about the teacher. It's good you put her in her place without saying a word.... You go teach!!!

Maryee said...


Thanks! Since you're documenting your journey from the beginning, it will be nice to reflect on when the years and growth start coming. Thanks for the kind compliments.


Thanks Sis! Since we've been around a couple of years to watch each others' growth, it's been so much fun! I'll be by to see ya soon!!

Kinky Awakenings,

Thanks for your comments/compliment. The only saving grace is I know this students loves me, so it's all good! I love all my babies, and don't mind them expressing themselves because it always becomes a "teachable moment."


I have a love-hate feeling about mine as well and blogged about it for my 4yr anniv. post. After seeing Krystl's hair in a bob, I've been dealing with loc-envy and wanted my "bob" back. I'll keep ya'll posted. Miss ya!!


Thanks for your comments. Yeah, she hasn't made off color comments since then, but I do get my hug from her and others every morning before school starts. They are funny and I've enjoyed them this year.

Take care ladies and many blessings to you!!

Aya said...

I think you handled that situation with you student quite well. I don't know if I could have been so restrained. Kudos to you. Also, your hair is absolutely beautiful. I love it. I hope that will be me when I get to four years!!!

SistaLocd said...

Your hair is so beautiful! It gives me hope.

Maryee said...


I think kids need to have a safe place to express themselves so although she could have said worse, I am glad she said it in my presence.

I thank you and Sistalocd for your kind comments. It's been amazing watching my growth over the years.


Jenn Jenn said...

I love how your locks look like spaghetti.. :) Ms. D (my lil one) said the same thing about my locs...:)

They are indeed beautiful, Maryee....

Anonymous said...

Love your locks and I truly appreciate the way you handled that situation. It signals not only that you are a great teacher with insight but also that you are in a super duper comfortable place with your entire it!

Nubian1 said...

What a well travelled journey!!!!

Am starting over again in less than 3 weeks time. Today am having my sample locks put in....cant wait.

I had traditional locks in for about 9 years and always wished they were thinner.

Stay blessed

Maryee said...

Jenn Jenn,

Tell Ms. D, she's got good taste!! Thanks for the love!


Thanks, sis! I miss those crazy kids already! As I've said before I was blessed to share a more natural side of haircare to them.


Thanks! I'm sure you'll enjoy SL as much as you did your traditional locks. Wishing you all the best!!

Take care ladies!!