Saturday, May 31, 2008

I was getting a little nervous

Most bloggers, like myself, who like to have a big intro or pics/slideshows at the top of their blogs may now see future dating when they publish. I used it last weekend and thought it was pretty cool, to do a double post and spread it out over a span of time. Then I was wondering if it would impede my having a future post that would only be "scheduled" and not "planned" as a current post with a future date. I went to the Blogger Buzz and found the updated info on the new changes. Check it out here!

And by the way, it's 8:51AM and I'll be "future" posting this tonight!


Jena Evans said...

Did the future posting thing work?


Maryee said...

Yes. I like to be in the "know". If you haven't tried it out, do so. Hey, wait a minute. Are you on line now??? Girl!