Saturday, May 24, 2008

Locked Wedding Styles & Engagement Photo shoots

Since Jen and I are trying to get our side gig of event photography going, I check in from time to time with Knight Photography, out of Atlanta. Knight is phenomenal and knows how to capture moments with beauty and simplicity. He is a professional wedding photographer, which Jen and I aren't aspiring to be. However, he shares not only tips and fantastic photos, but creative shots, especially the engagement shoots, which Jen and I have and will do.

So we came across a lady who had locks. They looked like Sisterlocks, but could have well been smaller Traditional locs. To my amazement, they were renewing their vows after 30 years! You can check out their pics HERE and see how the bride donned her crown for the special event. Here's an New York engagement session he took and the couple both had locks down their back! I'm really curious as to how both of them will be wearing their locks on the wedding day.

Here's a fotki album of a wedding couple who both are rocking naturals. Real Nice!!!

My god-daughter Kalee is getting married in August. I drove down to San Antonio on Spring Break to take engagement photos of her and her fiancé. I'll be sharing a few shots below for your viewing pleasure soon.


Allecia said...

I love his style. What beautiful pictures. Where was he (or you and Jen!) when I got married last year?? That was so thoughtful of the young man to have a photographer on hand to capture the engagement. With such great mentoring, are you sure you won't do photography professionally?

SistaLocd said...

Very nice photos! I think you and Jen picked an excelent side gig. Photography is wonderful. I love it!

Maryee said...


We've passed up a lot of opportunities for a variety of reasons. This summer we plan to dabble in a few projects to get our portfolio together. I think in the next two years, we can look at pursuing something more serious. Thanks for your encouragement.


We are looking at investing in some really good equipment and software so we can provide quality products and service. Thanks for droppin' by.