Monday, February 12, 2007

DFW Gathering is Next Sunday- RSVP Please!!

I wanted to send a reminder about the DFW Gathering that will be in Waco, Tx next Sunday, February 18th from 2-5pm. Here's the Google Map of Beatnix Coffeehouse.

The Sisterlock Gatherings actually have more than Sisterlocked women who attend. It's all about embracing that natural beauty, baby! We encourage anyone to come and fellowship, be you SL'd locked, nappy, pressed, twa, it doesn't matter. We will have a great time next Sunday and those of you who are regulars, get ready to meet some new faces coming from Austin, Waco and the DFW area!!!

With that being said, I had the pleasure of meeting two new women at our last gathering who've been locked for a while and I accidently left them off the list for the video testimony debut. I must have gone video crazy that day!!!

The first is Sue, who has traditional locs. Here's Sue's Testimony here.

The next lady whom I wanted to share her testimony is Pat. She's been locked for a good minute (over six years!) and she started by way of palm rolling. Here's Pat's Testimony.

Enjoy their testimonies!!


Cee said...

Both of the videos were nice and the key word is freedom.. You don't have to worry about your hair in the weather and don't have to get up early in the morning to heat up the curling iron.. I just love my locks. A group of my sorors were taking pics at the Capitol for Delta Days and most of the ladies were worried about how thier hair was going to look on the pic because it was a little misty, but not me... because I have "lock freedom".

Maryee said...

Hopefully I'll get the "freedom" video done over spring break!

I hope those sorors saw you chillin' in the mist. Freedom is right!!!