Sunday, February 04, 2007

I've been tagged!

OK, Tanya was kind enough to tag me with a request of 5 things you may not know about me, so here goes:

  1. 2009 will mark my 20th High School Reunion! I was very active in school and was not only our Senior Class President, but also the first Mascot of our consolidated schools. In 1987 three schools consolidated into one: Richfield Rams, Waco High Tigers and Jefferson Moore Lions. The new school would be on the campus of Richfield, the new name would be "Waco High", and the mascot from my previous school (J-Moore) would now be the Lion. So I was the mascot for two years and to this day many folks remember me as being the mascot but forget I was Senior class President.
  2. I owned a miniature Dachshund named Sweet Pea back in 2003. She was the love of my life. Unfortunately she had an accidental death after having her only 5 months at 9 months. I was devastated. January 12th would have been her 4th birthday. I miss my Tuney.
  3. I spent my last 6 hours of obtaining my bachelor's degree from Southwest Texas State in Puerto Rico at The University of Puerto Rico the summer of 94'. It was the best class/vacation/graduation present anyone could ask for. My minor was in Spanish and I was determined to grasp the language. I spent a month there and it was fabulous! We had class Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm and took an excursion on the island on Wednesdays. We had the weekends off, so that's why I called it a "vacation". I plan on going back...real soon.
  4. I absolutely ahbor/detest/despise receiving forwards in my inbox. Especially silly hoaxes and false forwards that have gone unchecked by Snopes. Those irk me the most! I love Jesus and do not have to email 10 people to prove it! Ugh!!!!!! Check out a website who agrees with me here. I have no problem telling people I have an "anti-forward" email inbox/address.
  5. I've been taking pictures since I was 12 years old in the sixth grade! So I guess you can say I've had a 24 year career as an amateur photographer. I've also been writing/journaling for about the same time. I started with my lil' diary documenting all that was going on in my world starting in 3rd grade, I believe. Now it's time to put my passions to work for me.

Who's next? Jamlock, Katika, and Lock Venture.


Creyole said...

Maryee, I'm sorry to hear about Tuney. It's ashame people remember us from the things that are more fun than productive. Ohhhh and I totally feel you on the Forwards. I don't even open them, they go straight to "DELETE"!

BTW, I always knew you were a smarty! And...thanks for the tech support gift for Praline two pics! (wink) She'll be checking out her comments tonight.

Goodnapps said...

No surprise at all you were class president. Sorry to hear about Sweat Pea. May she rest in peace.
Puerto Rico you say? Take me with you, take me with you!

Mel said...

Did someone say Sisterlock gathering in Puerto Rico?

n'Drea said...

Thanks for tagging me (smile). It was really fun, especially learning about the other sistas. And being the dog lover that I am, I'm really sorry to hear about Sweet Pea. Journaling since third grade, huh? Wow, that's really great. I'm inspired, because I've been so inconsistent when it comes to that. But I'm loving the blog experience now. Thanks again.

Chosen Vessel said...


It is nice to learn more about you :)

BlaqKofi said...

Thanks for sharing, Maryee. Always a joy! And I'm withcha on the "forwarding emails!"

Maryee said...

Hey ladies,

Trying to play a lil' catch-up!! Thank yo for your condolences for my Sweet Pea. Hopefully when I get the strength, I'll upload some video footage of her so you can see how wonderful she was. She was my heart!!! I am planning on going back to Puerto Rico, so ya'll know I'll keep you posted on that one!!!! 2007 will be my 10th year on line, and so getting "false" forwards is what's irritating me the most. I beg folks to remove me from their distribution lists but to no avail I end up getting forwards again. It's when they send false ones when I get pretty upset. But that's my issue. I will, however let folks know if they are gonna send me forwards they need to check them for accuracy first or don't send them to me at all. Hope ya'll understand where I'm coming from. I'll blog a lil' more on that later.