Tuesday, January 30, 2007

DFW Sisterlocks Gathering will be Sunday 2-18-07


I wanted to send a quick "save the date" of the upcoming DFW Sisterlock gathering that will be held in Waco, Tx, Sunday February 18th from 2-5pm at Beatnix Coffeehouse.

Those of you who wanted to come last time prior to the weather cancellation, you can still RSVP until Tuesday February 13th. Prepayment of $17 is requested because this is a catered event. Jen and I are excited to share with everyone in a private and relaxed venue. If you'd like to attend, please email at sweetiepp03-bloggin at yahoo.com with your RSVP and plan of payment. I accept, check/mo, or you can pay me via my paypal (please add an additional $1 as paypal charges me a fee to receive money, please).

If you'd like to see videos from the last event in Dallas, please click on the link below and view almost 2 dozen videos of lovely locked ladies!! Here's my lil' Testimony:


Creyole said...

I sure hope this unusually cold weather will have passed by then!

Let's pray so, I really want to see you all!

ew said...

What is the difference between sisterlocks and traditional locks?????

Wanting Locs

Maryee said...


I'm praying we have good weather as well!! Can't wait to see everyone!

Maryee said...


A good place to start to find out about Sisterlocks would be to visit the Sisterlocks official website. Another place to visit would be Niaonline or Nappturality. The blogs are helpful as well because there have been women who had traditional locks and then switched over to Sisterlocks. My sister Jen had traditional locks as well. HTH.

Aundrea said...

Maryee, what a great post!! It was such a pleasure hearing the testimonies from so many of the Sisterlock bloggers whom I've come to rely on for the stories that chronicle their Sisterlock journeys! Sure wish I were in the Texas area so that I could fellowship with you ladies! Have fun, and I hope to see more great pics of the event!

SandzOfTime said...

Wow thank you for your blog.

I wear my hair cut short. Moved here to Texas and am quite irritated with being called Sir.
I do NOT look like a male in any sense of the word.
I haven't had my hair cut in a month, and had been considering locs. I do triathlons, swim, and of course sweat a LOT and was wondering if Sisterlocks or any locks would work with being that active.

Your thoughts?

Joan Brown said...

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